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The epic cache of knowledge that is my fics. Starting of small but it shall grow and multiple and become the Alexandrian Library of Fiction. Pages after pages of texts so vast it shall indeed rival the greatest library to have ever have existed in the history of mankind....Hopefully.

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Fic:A Soldier's Death

Title: A Soldier's Death
Pairing: Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Crowley, Dean/Castiel unrequited
Summary: An impossible thing has happened and good and evil answer the call to avenge it

Just as Castiel was about to strike Crowley down, he felt an agonizing pain that he had never felt before and clutched at his Vessel's head while he tried to figure out what had just happened. It had felt like something was being ripped from him in a way nothing had ever had and Castiel had once had millions of souls ripped from his Vessel. And Castiel had been ripped apart by Raphael and Lucifer and...this was so much worse. All of the pain that Castiel had ever felt was nothing compared to what was coursing through him now and thus it took him moments to locate where the pain was coming from.

When Castiel realized what the pain was he truly wished that he hadn't for he did not want to face it. Did not want to deal with what the pain represented any more then Castiel wanted to deal with the repercussions of what it would mean. If Castiel did not face it then it would not be true. He had heard the expression burying your head in the sand and Castiel truly wished to do that but in the end knew that he could not. Not when he was needed by the one that mean more to him then anything else in existence. Castiel overpowered the spell on him and breathed one word before he took flight.


Then Castiel flew away form the building as fast as he could, flying for the first time since Metatron had taken his Grace and he was flying faster then he had ever flown before. Faster then even when he was in Hell, rescuing Dean for the first time. All of his will and Grace was pushed into his speed but it wasn't fast enough or good enough. Castiel stopped before the impala and just stared at the sight before him. For Dean and Sam were before him in the car that Dean loved so much and to an outsider they would appear to be just sleeping but to Castiel he knew the truth. And nothing could be able to fool him into believing something innoncet was going on as Castiel could see that both Dean and Sam's souls were gone. Obliterated. The area around the bodies and car was filled with darkness, with an evil Castiel had never felt before.

Castiel let out a scream that reverberated around the world in his true voice and in Heaven all of the angels that were left stopped as they felt their brother's grief as well as heard his scream. Castiel fell to the ground and began to do something that he had never done before and had never seen the reason for. He sobbed. Dean was dead and his soul was destroyed, making it obvious that there was nothing Castiel could do this time to bring him back. Thus Dean was truly dead, the one person that Castiel had ever loved was dead. Castiel had sacrificed everything for Dean repeatedly and now Dean was dead and Castiel did not know what to do about it. Did not know how to deal with any of it when he was all alone.

Dean had been everything to him for so long, even when Castiel had been lying to him left and right that Castiel did not know how to cope with the absence of him. Or what he was suppose to do now that once again Castiel had lost his purpose and this time had nothing to replace it with. Dean was dead and Castiel was lost. His purpose, his life, his love was dead. Castiel had loved Dean from the moment he had seen his soul in Hell and even though it had taken him years to comprehend how much that love entitled, Castiel had come to accept it. Even knowing that Dean would never look at him that way as all Dean saw was his friend, his angel and Gabriel's brother. Never lover and never love. Sam and Gabriel had meant the most to Dean and while Castiel knew that Dean had loved him it had never been as Castiel would have wish. He knew that and he accepted that.

Dean had given him all that he could and Castiel had been content with that for as long as Dean was in his life then it was all worth it. And Now....And now.....

Castiel was lost to his grief and thus did not notice the arrival of Crowley, who had shaken off his shock and his mother's spell to follow where the scream had come from. It took Crowley but a moment to see Dean's body, Castiel's grief and to realize that all of it meant that Dean could not easily be brought back as otherwise the angel would be healing already. Still though, Crowley went to the drivers side, opened the door and tried to make a deal in a round about manner with himself to bring Dean back. No matter what Crowley did though did anything to change how dead Dean was. So he swiftly turned away and tried not to collapse like Castiel was, who was keening at this point and utterly useless.

"Get up, you buggering idiot. Your not helping Dean by doing that."

Instantly the air began to heat up as Castiel began to glow and his wings began to flare out. "Dean is dead, demon and I will not have you profane his name again by speaking it. You are the cause of all this, you and that wretched Mark,....You have killed him"

"I..Killed him. I was trying to save him.. First with Abaddon and Metatron, your brother, and then now by freeing him of the Mark. Even though it meant working with my wretched mother. I have done more for Dean then you ever have. "And I love him, something that Crowley would never speak out loud. Not if he wanted to maintain his position. Demons already spoke of his relationship with the hunter and Crowley knew if anyone knew the truth then they would rise against him. They had barely tolerated his being with Dean while Dean was a demon, if any had known that it had continued after Sam and Castiel managed to save Dean then they would rise up and kill Crowley. Something that Crowley didn't want but couldn't prevent. Somehow Dean had gotten in him more then the blood addiction ever had and Crowley had found himself doing things for the Winchesters that he never would have imagined ten..five years ago.

A human, a hunter had managed to make the King of Hell fall in love and Crowley knew that it should be shocking and the most impossible thing to have ever happened. But it wasn't, not when it came to this particular human. Crowley was nothing special when it came to Dean, who had managed to make an Archangel love him and face his elder brother for him, had managed to make an angel rebel and fall for him repeatedly and so much else. Dean had stopped the End of Days, he had faced off against Lucifer, Michael, Raphael, the Host of Heaven, Leviathan, all of Purgatory and Hell and,...everything else on Earth. Dean was the special one and.. He could not be dead. How could Dean be dead after everything that he had survived and what had...

"Rowena...That bitch killed him." Crowley's eyes began to glow as his fury began to consume him. His mother had killed Dean with that spell. Which obviously had not even been what she said. Crowley had been a fool to trust her and what was worse, he had brought her the very ingredients that had killed Dean.

"It was not her... She did not have the power to destroy his soul."

Crowley stumbled back, away form the truth. "His....soul... What?"

"Dean is not...just dead....His soul is gone...His and Sam's...Their both gone...Something...evil....dark...killed them and consumed their souls...They,....He is gone... Beyond my reach....Beyond my help...Nothing I do will bring him back...Nothing..."Castiel collapsed again as the realization once again consumed him, pushing away his fury.

This time Crowley left him to it as he was incapable of doing anything but stare down at him in utter shock. Dean's soul. Crowley had never heard of a soul being destroyed. Even in Hell a soul was just changed, never destroyed. What could have the power to destroy a soul. God.. Death...Who. ...What...What ever it was, Crowley would find it and destroy them. For once Crowley had something worth risking his existence for when before it was always about his survival. Vengeance. Crowley would avenge Dean or die in the attempt, he would not let whatever had killed Dean live.

"Glad you think that, kiddo." Crowley whipped around and stared at the...being that had manged to sneak up on him. Short, blondish hair, piercing golden eyes and...power. Power that Crowley had only felt a few times.

Castiel jerked up. "Gabriel."

Gabriel looked at Castiel with a tender expression. "Hey, baby bro...I...Thank you for looking after him.. For caring for him as you did."

"I didn't... I didn't look after him... he's dead.... I failed....Brother, I failed.. our love... I failed...Dean is dead....You...Dean is dead."

"I know...Dean was meant to have died five years ago...With Michael...You gave him an extra five years...It was more then I was able to in the end...I died for him... but if you hadn't distracted Michael...Michael and Lucifer would have faced off and ,,....He would have died them...Father showed me.....You gave him five years of life.. and I can never thank you enough for that...I will always see to your protection because of those five years that you gave my bond-mate...You were his greatest protector and I will never forget that."

"Father.... Will he bring Dean back.... Please ask Father."

"Castiel.... Not even Father can bring him back. "Castiel nearly sunk back into his grief when Crowley let out a derisive snort.

"What is more powerful then God."

"The Darkness." Castiel recoiled away form his brother in horror and fear. Gabriel looked at him and nodded. "Yes...The Mark was a lock..It bond the Darkness in its cage much like the Seals for Lucifer....The moment the Mark was gone, the Darkness was let out and it destroyed Dean to insure the Mark could never come back again.

"Gone...I..I helped do the spell to get rid of the Mark.. I destroyed Dean."

Gabriel cupped Castiel's face. "No,kiddo. You didn't. You saved him."

"For five years... I gave him five years...but... what is five years compared to the eternity his soul would have had in Heaven."

"Everything...To Dean, life on Earth meant more then forever in Heaven...Especially after I died... You know that. Life was everything to him and you gave that to him."

"Yes, life meant everything to him and now he's dead. I for one would like to stop with this emotional bullocks and find this Darkness and make it pay for killing Dean." Crowley didn't care that Gabriel could smite him easily, all he cared about was finding the Darkness and making it pay.

Gabriel looked at the demon that Dean had begun to love and while he couldn't see what Dean had seen in Crowley, he did see that the demon had loved Dean and for that he would live. "That is why Father brought me back.. To banish the Darkness back."

"Banish.. ,...Please. I will make the Darkness scream until there is nothing left of it."

Gabriel laughed. "The Darkness existed before the universe existed. It is everything that is evil and vile in creation. It took the full forces of my father, my elder siblings and myself to lock it up the first time. Not even we could kill it.... and now death is another issue we will have to fix."

"What do you mean, brother?"

"Deanno did one last impossible thing, bro...He killed Death."

Crowley let out a shocked laugh. Only Dean.

Castiel simply stared at Gabriel in shock, not understanding what he meant. "What do you mean by that, brother?"

"Death is dead."

"Death can't die anymore then Father can... Death is eternal, more than anything else. Perhaps even more so then Father.... How could Death be dead?"

"I don't know how our love did it, but he did kill Death.... Death was trying to get him to kill Sam but Dean killed Death instead."

"Ah. Saving Sam...Then it makes sense. Dean would do anything to protect his brother, even the impossible. The two of them did so much for each other but what Dean has done for Sam over the years...Dean is a true soldier. Of Earth and Heaven, he has defended his family and the innocent form all that would hurt them. Since the Mark was placed on Dean, all he cared about was not letting himself harm the innocent just like any good soldier would."

"Yes and now the soldiers of Heaven shall avenge the truest soldier that has ever existed. The Righteous Man, he who died defending the innocent and those who he loved."

Then Crowley bore witness to the army of Heaven descending to Earth to answer the call to vengeance for Dean Winchester, the Righteous Man, the soldier of Heaven, and the solider of Earth. They would avenge him and insure that his death would not be in vain. Once Crowley overcame the amazement of such a witness, Crowley called forth Hell's army to do the same. A great soldier had died and he would be avenged by all who had loved him, Heaven and Hell.

Only Dean Winchester could bring the forces of good and evil together. Only for him would they all come to avenge.

Fic:Bonded Love....s

Title: Bonded...Loves
Pairing: Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Gabriel/Castiel
Summary:The End of Days has been ended and Dean is planning on having his normal life when he gets and unexpected visitor that changes his life forever. For he brings surprising news

A second after Cas left, Dean heard wings beating again and smirked, about to tease Cas about being forgetful but when he turns to look, he sees its not Cas but Gabriel. Dean almost crashed the car at the realization that Gabriel was in his car, Gabriel was alive. Dean skid the Impala to stop and was reaching for Gabriel before the car had even stopped fully. Touching Gabriel for the first time in months, Dean let out a sob. It was all to much for him and he finally let go. Let his grief and his joy all come out in sobs into Gabriel's chest as Gabriel held him tenderly, stroking his back gently while whispering soothing nonsense into his ear. Gabriel knew what had happened and wasn't surprised as despite how strong Dean was, even the strongest can feel. And with how built up Dean's emotions become thanks to John's 'training', it was no surprise that any little thing could set Dean off. So Gabriel just comforted his mate and waited, knowing he had something to tell Dean that would make him joyous, his greatest secret desire.

Once Dean was able to calm down, he became embarrassed at what he had done and so was about to lash out as was his wont when he showed vulnerability. He was a soldier and soldiers didn't allow others to see their weakness, it was something his father had drilled into his head through out his childhood. A look from Gabriel stopped him though and he sighed as he wiped his face. Of course Gabriel wouldn't care, he was the only one that knew everything about him and loved him without any expectations. Gabriel just wanted to be allowed to love him and be loved in return. Which Dean did easily, not even loving Sam came so easy to Dean. Sam let him down, betray him and abandoned him repeatedly threw out their lives together. Gabriel, despite all the half truths, had never let him down. Never stopped loving him because some demon bitch tricked him. Gabriel faced his brother for him and died for it. So Dean took a breath and smiled.

"I take it your Father brought you back same as Cas."

Gabriel laughed, "No, Deano. I was brought back by the tooth fairy. Of course my Father brought me back. Miss me?" Dean rolled his eyes, gripped the back of Gabriel's neck and pulled him to him in a fierce kiss that left them both breathless. Which was one hell of an accomplishment to do to an angel, let alone an archangel. Dean pulled back and grinned smugly, quite proud of that feat. Gabriel smacked him lightly at the waves of smugness radiating off his mate. So he had managed to impress Gabriel with his kiss, it didn't make him a sex god or anything, just.. impressive. Gabriel decided to remind Dean who had the better range of sexual conquests. Gabriel snapped them to his closet hide-a-hole and spent hours showing who was the better lover. By the time he was done, Dean was nothing more than a quivering mess of flesh. Now he was good, great even.

Lightly running his hands threw Dean's hair as he slept, Gabriel watched quietly as his mate fell into an exhausted sleep. The first one he'd gotten since losing his brother to the Cage and thus Gabriel would see that it was peaceful. Though he did wonder where Cas was as Dad had assured him that Sam was the only one that was gone and even then not for long. Though HE would not tell Gabriel for how long Sam would be in the Cage, only that he would be out. So Gabriel would not tell Dean until Sam was actually out so that Dean wouldn't spend all his time waiting. Gabriel did use a light brush of power to help Dean heal though and once he woke, he would ask where Cas was and why he wasn't there. It wasn't like Cas not to be hovering over Dean as Gabriel was well aware that his little brother was in love with his mate and while that should bother him, it didn't. Gabriel trusted Cas and desired him to a certain extent. The fact that Dean loved Cas, even if he hadn't admitted to himself for fear it was a betrayal of Gabriel, meant that Gabriel was willing to share with his brother. As long as Cas acknowledged that first and for most Dean was his. One of the surprises Gabriel had for Dean would make that easier.

Almost fifteen hours later, Dean rolled over and looked at Gabriel, beyond relived that he really was there and it hadn't been a dream. He actually sighed happily and leaned in for a kiss, though he was surprised that Gabriel had very obviously spent the entire time watching him. It wasn't like his lover. Normally Gabriel would watch TV or do other things while Dean slept, sure he'd always be there when he woke up but not normally in the bed with him. Which Dean didn't mind as he knew that Gabriel did not need sleep and thus did not expect him to stay in the bed.

"Stop thinking so much. I have several surprises for you. So up and adam."Dean got up with a groan, so much for morning sex. Unless he could 'seduce' Gabriel. "Don't even try it, kiddo. You can have all the sex you want tonight, now we have things to do and don't worry about it. It'll be worth it. "A quick shower later , Gabriel snapped them away to where Dean saw one hell of an unexpected surprise. For Ellen and Jo were standing before him, alive and well. Ellen even looked pissed and that made him happy as Ellen pissed meant Jo and her were alright. Dean moved to her side and hugged her, just so happy to have her here and alive to care about showing his emotions. Of being a chick. Ellen sighed and hugged him back, glad to see him safe and relatively sound after everything Bobby had told her had happened. She had been worried about Dean upon learning of Sam's death, after all the last time Sam was dead Dean had made the Deal. And no matter what Bobby said, she feared Dean would try to make another Deal.

"Let me look at you. "She pulled away from him and looked at him. Making sure that he was alright despite everything and once she assured herself he was, she smacked him on the back of the head Gibbs style. "What were you thinking? Going off by yourself so soon after...You know your no good by yourself after...You just shouldn't have done that. "Dean rolled his eyes and hugged Jo, who was laughing at her mother's reaction. Then Dean turned to Gabriel and kissed him passionately beyond grateful to have them back. Leading them to their deaths had been one of his worst moments and he would never be able to express how grateful he was. So Dean would just prove it sexually, a lot. Gabriel smirked at that and Dean knew he was reading his mind and as he was becoming use to it Dean just snorted and turned back to Ellen and Jo. Who were looking on in shock.

"I thought you and the wonder angel were together. "Jo thought that while it had been hot watching Dean kiss another guy, Cas was by far hotter then this guy. Whoever he was. Dean startled at the comment and tried very hard to ignore the hurt at the reminder of Cas. Still stinging over the fact that Cas had just flown away without a single goodbye or promise to come back. After all that they had been threw, the moment Cas got his powers back he just abandoned Dean without even a moment of thought. Which was pretty much the going attitude in Dean's life, when something better comes along leave. Dean looked at Gabriel and wondered when he would leave. He had seen Kali and knew what kind of woman Gabriel liked so Dean could only imagine what kind of man he really liked. Dean knew he could never compare to what Gabriel had in the past. Dean knew he was a great lover, never leaving his lovers unsatisfied but he also knew that he didn't have centuries if not millennias worth of experiences like the Gods and Goddess Gabriel had slept with in the past. So what did a high school drop out, with a few dollars, shit load of bad memories, lots of scars and two dead brothers to his name have to give to an Archangel. Nothing. So it was just a matter of time before Gabriel left him just like Cas, like his father and Sam. Even like Cassie. Everybody left.

Dean remembered Jo's comment and pulled himself away from his torturous thoughts." What do you mean, Jo? Cas and I were never together. What made you think otherwise?"

"Dean, get real. When you were coming onto me the day before....Well, the day before. He practically was drilling threw my skull with his eyes, he was glaring at me like I murdered an entire school. I was surprised that I wasn't smited on the spot." Dean looked at her in complete shock, not quite sure how to respond to that. While Gabriel was just very hard not to break down and laugh hysterically at how utterly unaware his mate could be when he wanted to be. Gabriel knew that Dean knew on a subconscious level that Cas wanted him and that Dean wanted Cas in return, a fact that Gabriel knew well and accepted.

Dean took a second to shake out of his shock and when he did he spoke rather harshly, "No, your wrong. We are.. were just friends. I've been with Gabriel for...years. "He was actually shocked by the years thing, not having realized it had been so long. Sure in the beginning he thought he was with a Trickster whenever he popped up, which was often enough that Dean actually began to look forward to his visits. Ironically it was after discovering that 'Loki' was actually Gabriel that the visits began to stop and just when Dean realized that he was beginning to love him. He looked over at Gabriel and couldn't help but to smile, so relieves to have him back that he couldn't help it. Dean never wanted to face Gabriel dying again and was semi assured that he wouldn't. After all, who could harm an Arch with Michael and Lucifer in the Cage....The Cage. For a brief moment Dean felt intense grief before he was calmed by a feeling of warmth and he turned back to his newly returned family. Just in time to see Ellen looking at him like he was crazy.

"Even I saw that boy gazing at you like a lovesick puppy and what's more, I saw you gazing back equally. You telling me there was nothing going between you and I'll call you a liar."

"I don't know what to tell you but there wasn't...Gabe and I have been 'together' off and on for years now. Before the Apoclypse before I even knew he was Gabriel..Cas and I were just friends. Nothing more." Gabriel couldn't help but to comment even if it ended up with him 'sleeping' on the couch.

"Come now, Deanno. We both know you wanted him and I don't mind as long as you remember who you belong to." The look Dean shot him assured Gabriel of the future of couches but he just smirked. Knowing full well that the future surprise would get Dean's forgiveness. While Ellen and Jo just looked ta Dean in disbelief but let it go.

April Fool's Love

Title: April Fool's Love
Pairing: Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Cole Trenton
Summary: Dean gets a surprise visitor

From the beginning Dean had known that being with a Trickster had meant pranks, even when he had discovered that the Trickster was not the Trickster but the archangel Gabriel. But Dean had thought that was at an end with Gabriel dying at Lucifer's hands. It had been years since Dean had lost Gabriel. Still though every time April Fool's comes around Dean had waited for something to happen every single time, always wishing something would but nothing ever happened of course. Gabe was dead and nothing Dean did would ever change that, no matter how he wished it. Though these days Dean was grateful that Gabe was dead, as that way he could not see what Dean had become....nor could he see what Heaven had become. Both would hurt his lover dearly and Dean would not see him hurt like that for anything in the world. Even having Gabe back again.

Gabriel was dead and Dean was alone but it was for the best as it spared Gabriel and Dean knew that he deserved it. Even if he missed Gabriel and the pranks and.. everything more then Dean could say. When Gabriel had been alive, Dean had hated April Fool as he knew that the pranks would be non-stop and Gabriel would insure that Dean remember Gabriel every moment of that day. So from the first April Fool after they met till the last, the entire day was filled with pranks and Dean had both loved and hated it while Sam.. Sam had just rolled his eyes, bitch faced and spent the day elsewhere while saying that Gabriel truly was perfect for his brother. The first April Fool after Gabriel's death had been hard. The entire day had been a reminder of what he had lost and the fact that he had to do it without Sam made it doubly so. Lisa hadn't understood why Dean got incredibly drunk that day, probably coming close to alcohol poisoning.

The years following had seen Dean repeat that save for the one where he was in Purgatory. Then he had not known when the day was but when Dean had thought it might be Dean had spoke about Gabriel to Benny. Who had been surprised to discover that Dean had been lover to an archangel. April Fools was now a day to get drunk and to spend it remembering Gabriel and this year especially as it would be the last year the Mark was going to insure it would probably be the last. So Dean was expecting that he wouldn't even remember the day after he was done but then everything changed.

The pranks started at exactly midnight on April Fools Day.

Even while most of Dean was being driven nuts but whatever the hell was going on, a tiny part of him was enjoying it. All the disastrous that were happening around him would have on any other day but in this day...On this day it was great. It was like Gabriel was back and thus no matter how annoying it was or how confused Cas was becoming Dean, loved it. It was like Gabe was back and that was what Dean wanted to feel, enough so that he would deal with the clothes gone missing, the drinks turned into something else sadly non-alcoholic, the food having extra things in it, the weapons randomly moving. IF the hunt was still going on it would be bad but since they had ganked the vampires killing, it was alright.

Today Dean would not look into who was pulling all the pranks and pretend. If they were still going on after today then Dean would make it stop but for now...For now Dean would just pretend it was Gabriel doing it all. Sam had looked at Dean and seemingly known what he was thinking so he had asked Cas to fly him back to the bunker and Dean was fine with that. Sam had never understood his relationship to Gabriel, as his brother had never forgiven Gabe for the whole killing him repeatedly thing while Dean had gotten a laugh from it. Sam hadn't understood but he had left it alone, as especially after Ruby he had no right to talk about relationships and after Gabriel had died Sam had admitted that he was good for Dean.

Dean was happy to be alone, wanting to have this day to remember what had once been but then Cole had called out of the blue and Dean...Dean had told him where he was as Cole was being shipped back and he had enjoyed being with him in that cabin before Sam had gotten there. Dean was surprised that Cole wanted a repeat as not only had Dean killed his father but Cole was also married but he wasn't going to argue. Gabriel was dead and Dean wanted something to hold onto. The Mark was destroying him and Dean wanted something other then the Mark to think about on this day. The day that Gabriel had once admitted to creating and was thus the one day that Dean thought about Gabriel the most.

When Cole arrived, Dean didn't let him talk just kissed him and frog marched him to the bed while pulling off his clothes and letting Cole pull off his,

"Hello, Deanno."

Dean stiffened at the oh so familiar voice and did not turn around for a moment as he braced himself and then he did and was unsurprised to see Gabriel. Or rather something that looked like Gabriel. Dean pulled his gun out while Cole grabbed one from Dean's bag.

"Get out of his body now or I will shoot you and if that doesn't kill you I will dissect you until I find out what does."

The thing wearing Gabriel's form smiled. "I didn't know you cared that much, Deanno." Dean cocked his gun and the thing rolled his eyes. "The first time I kissed you was right after you 'killed' me the first time we met. Sam had gone to sleep but you had left the motel room and were drinking outside while looking at the stars...I knew that I should leave you alone...That you were Michael's but....couldn't leave...I had been drawn to you from the moment I saw you..And you had been drawn to me from the first, even though I was being a janitor...Michael may have been your destiny "Dean winced at the reminder, "But I was your fate."

Dean stumbled back, uncertain. "You....You could be reading my mind ...This." Dean's hand stopped shaking and he refocused. 'Gabriel is dead. You are not Gabriel. Whatever this is, its just like when Metraton tricked Cas. You are using my...my weak spot and I will make you pay for that."

"Dean, while I can read your mind it is not why I know all of that. I know because I am Gabriel and I can do anything. " Dean rolled his eyes as he always did when Gabriel made comments like that but stopped when he remembered this was not Gabriel. " Dean....The reason I chose to go against my brother in the end was not because I wanted to save humanity but because I wanted to save you...To let destiny continue on its destined path was to lose you to Michael.. Michael would have consumed you until all you were was Michael ...and I couldn't lose you to my brother...I could give a shit abut humans as they lost me my family....You are all that has mattered to me for a long time...Before you I hadn't let anyone near me or allowed myself to feel as I had lost my family.. Your it for me, Dean."

Dean knew that he shouldn't listen to Gabriel...to the thing that looked like Gabriel but the words...Dean had always wondered what had changed Gabriel's mind as he knew the archangel was non to fond of humans and yet he had gone against Lucifer. His most favored brother. It had never seemed right to Dean but he had never been able to find out the answers. Cas hadn't known as he hadn't seen his brother for millenias and even when Gabriel had been in Heaven, the Archangels had mostly kept to each other so Cas hadn't been much help.

Cole noticed that Dean was seemingly listening to the creature in front of them and he grabbed Dean's arm to get attention."Winchester, if whoever this thing looks like is dead, then you know all the words are a lie. What dead is dead."

The creature laughed. " You are in the wrong room for that comment. You truly don't know anything about Dean. " The creature narrowed his eyes at the hand touching Dean." And if you want to keep that hand, you'll stop touching Dean this moment."

Cole laughed. "Come and try, creature. I've gone against your kind before and survived. Whatever you are, I will survive." Cole gripped Dean tighter, proving his point. Dean was about to speak as he was not pleased at being talked about like he wasn't there nor about being used to prove a point when the creature laughed. That laughter sent shivers down his entire body as it was so familiar. Dean was struck mute as memories flooded his mind of Gabriel's laughter.

"I assure you, mortal, that you have never gone against my 'kind' before as you are still alive. Release him. Now. I went against my own family to insure his protection. What I will do to you will pale in comparison."

"Dean, snap out of it. Listen to him and know he is not this.. Gabriel. Would Gabriel say any of this?"

The problem was that the creature had not said anything Gabriel would not say. Dean hated to admit it but Gabriel had always been possessive of him, even back when Dean had thought he was just a Trickster, just Loki. Dean had stopped sleeping with others within three months of sleeping with Gabriel as Gabriel had made it plan that he would not share. Dean had pretended so Sam never found out but save for Anna up until Lisa after Gabriel death, Dean hadn't been with anyone else for years. It had been Gabriel. So if it was Gabe then he was acting as he was suppose to after discovering Dean with a lover. And id didn't help that Dean truly wanted,...no yearned for the creature to be Gabriel. Dean had admitted to loving Gabe after the whole Tv land crap and had then lost him only a few months later. To have him back...To be with him before the Mark destroyed him.. Dean would give anything for that to be true.

"Dean. "Dean looked up at the soft, almost gentle voice and looked at the thing wearing Gabriel's form. "I don;t know how to convince you that I am me. As your right, anything I could say about our time together I could be getting out of your mind.. But I am Gabriel and I am your lover."

Dean didn't know what the Hell to do and he wished that Sam was here or Cas or someone else that actually knew Gabriel. Cole was useless as he had never known Gabriel and him being here was only making the situation more complicated. Gabriel or the thing that looked like Gabriel would not like his lover being here and Dean.. Dean just wanted to know what to feel. Should he be happy that the one person that he had ever loved more than anything else in this world was now alive or should he be filled with rage over the fact that someone had dared to take Gabriel's form to get to him. It really didn't help that his being as a whole wanted to believe it as he wanted to be with Gabriel before....before. That didn't help make Dean decide but then Dean had an idea.

"Just.. stay here." Dean rushed out of the room and went to the Impala and opened the trunk and after some digging Dean found the small chest. Dean pulled out the key that he always carried with him and opened it. Inside was only two things, a bracelet that Gabriel had given with multiple symbols on it and a sword. Dean briefly touched the bracelet and then grabbed the sword and walked back into the motel room. Instantly the sword began to almost vibrate in his hand and Dean gasped while the thing....while Gabriel smiled. Dean opened his hand and the sword flew out of it and Gabriel caught it.

"Believe I'm me now."

"Yes.. and I really hope I'm right as otherwise I just lost one of the most powerful weapons in the universe." Dean then moved to Gabriel's side and looked at him. Gabriel smirked and then his wings were flaring up behind him. Dean knew that Cole was just seeing the shadows but Dean could see them perfectly and they were just as perfect as Dean remembered. "Gabe...If you have been alive this entire time, I really will kill you."

"Nope...Father brought me back a day ago and I came right here." Gabriel grabbed Dean and kissed him, after a moment of pause Dean returned it. Pleased beyond anything to have Gabriel returned to him. And when Gabriel gripped his arms, one hand right over the handprint Cas had left so long ago Dean shivered as Gabriel Grace caressed the little bit of Cas Grace inside of him. Causing him to feel something that he had not felt in so many years. Since gGabe died as Cas always respected Dean's space once he understood personal space, so he had never touched the handprint even though it was his Grace inside of Dean. Gabe had always touched it to gain a reaction. Mostly during sex.

Dean turned when he heard wings and was unsusprised to see Cas, a Cas who immedately moved to attack when he saw Gabriel and saw how he was gripping Dean, immediately taking it for an attack.

"Cas, don't. Its really Gabe."

"Dean I was fooled to by Metarton but you know that Gabriel is dead. No matter how much we wish otherwise, Gabriel is dead and this is an impostor posing as my brother to gain your trust and for that you will pay creature. Release Dean immediately or be smited."

Dean expected Gabriel to have some sort of witty and comment but Dean saw Gabriel was looking at Cas with an agonized expression.

"What happened to you, brother?" Dean winced, realizing that he was seeing the fact that Cas was in essence dying thanks to Metraton taking his Grace and Cas then stealing someone elses Grace. Dean wished to spare Gabriel of that knowledge but couldn't. He would deal with that later, first was to prevent Cas from attacking Gabriel and getting hurt, as every time Cas went against an Archangel he ended up dying. Save when he had Purgatories souls in him.

"Cas, it really is Gabriel. He proved it to me and...Gabe, prove it to him."

Gabriel rolled his eyes in exasperation but as he had no desire to fight Castiel, he reached out to his brother with his Grace. To Dean it just looked like Gabe was staring at Cas until Cas gasped and stared wide eyes at Gabriel and Dean realized they were doing something angelic. After a moment Cas smiled.

"Brother." Dean watched as Cas hugged a surprised Gabriel and smiled at them both. Gabriel was back and Cas was happy to have a brother returned to him. Dean moved over to them and was unsurprised to be pulled into their hug and he allowed it. Happy to be a part of it. They were his family, the only family he had left save for Sam and he would do anything to keep this moment forever. Even allowing mushy chick flick stuff. Gabriel was back and nothing would ruin the moment. Though...Dean realized what day it was and laughed. Both Gabe and Cas looked at him, smiling.

"What is it?"

"Only you, Gabe would be brought back on April Fool's day."

Gabriel laughed. " The greatest trick of all, the once dead Archangel coming back to life and surprising his l.. manly love with tricks."

Dean smacked the back of Gabriel's head but was smiling all the same. Dean pulled Gabriel in for a kiss while holding onto Cas as he didn't want the hug to end. Dean pulled away a little to speak basically into Gabriel's mouth. " Happy April Fool's Day, Gabriel."

Burning, chapter 2

Title: Burning

It took days and days for Tyrion to wake up completely and when he did he was unsurprised to see Rhaegar sleeping beside him, clutching his hand tightly. The last few.. days.. weeks were blurry but he knew on all levels that Rhaegar had never left his side. Tyrion had never once in his life doubted his place at Rhaegar's side or his brothers love for him. For in the end all Tyrion truly needed was his brother and he knew in turn he was all Rhaegar needed. So Tyrion knew that Rhaegar had never left his side while he was ill, though he had no idea how long he had been ill. Tyrion suspected that it had been a long time as while it was blurry there was a lot of blurry moments so Tyrion knew that it had been a long time. Something that was rather worrying especially considering how weak he still felt.

Tyrion lifted his hand, with difficulty, and caressed Rheagar's hair gently. Causing his brother to stir from his sleep and Tyrion watched as Rhaegar's eyes slowly opened and then widened upon seeing Tyrion awake. Rhaegar jerked up and looked frantically at his brother

"Your awake, thank the Gods." The extreme reaction that Rhaegar had to him being awake meant that Tyrion had been sleeping a long time.

"How long have I been sleeping, Rhae?"

"Long enough to terrify all of us, my son." Surprised Tyrion turned and saw Rhaella on the other side of his bed and most surprising of all she was holding a baby. He had been ill long enough for her to give birth to his sibling, which had been three months away the last Tyrion remembered. Rhaella noticed Tyrion's questioning look. "You have been ill a long time, my son but not that long. I gave birth early to your brother, Viserys. Named in honor of Viserys the second, the Dragonknights father."

Tyrion looked at his newest brother and couldn't help but to be disappointed for he knew that his parents had been hoping and praying for a girl. A bride for Rhaegar to marry, as was the Targaryen tradition. So many of his siblings had died since Rhaegar's birth and each one was a devastation to his parents and though he had only really met one, he had mourned them too. As he had been excited to be an older brother like Rhaegar was his older brother each time, only to be disappointed like with Jaehaerys who Tyrion had loved. So Tyrion could only hope that Viserys would live and he could be a big brother and that one day Mother would give birth to a sister for Rhaegar to marry and then perhaps one for him as well.

"Can I hold him?"

"If you are extremely careful, my son." Tyrion turned startled to see his Father suddenly in the room and immediately Aerys took Viserys from Rhaella. As Aerys was extremely protective of his new son and did not let anyone to be alone with him. Even Rhaella. Nor did anyone but family touch Viserys as he would not risk his son. Aerys had kept his vow not to be with any woman but Rhaella after Jaehaerys death but the Gods might still seek to take Viserys from him so Aerys would be vigilant of anyone that came near Viserys. Aemon would never be a threat though so Aerys careful placed Viserys in Tyrion's arms.

Tyrion gazed down at his new brother in wonder and couldn't help but to pray to the Gods that this brother would live and hoped that the fact that Viserys looked more healthy then Jaehaersy ever had meant something. "Hello, little brother. I'm Aemon Tyrion...but you can call me Tyrion. Not Ty though, that's Rhaegar's name for me."

Everyone laughed at the cute scene but the laugh was cut short when Tyrion very obviously began to tire after having only been up for a few minutes. They did not like how weak Tyrion was. Aerys took Viserys back and Tyrion drifted off to sleep while Rhaegar once again played his harp for him and Valiant curling up with him.

The next few days saw many visitors to Tyrion's rooms, from Steffon and Stannis to Tywin and all of his brothers to Rhaegel, Daemon, Aerion and Rhaena. All of them were happy to see Tyrion up but were unhappy to see how weak he was even as the illness slowly passed. It was becoming obvious to all that while the Prince had survived he would never again be the same. That the Fever had forever left its mark on him and they mourned that fact, worrying that the bright vibrant child would not be the same. Arthur had the same worry and so on one night that he had guard duty and Tyrion was up, they spoke of it.

"I feel...better as time goes on but its like I have this...emptiness inside of me that doesn't allow me to be as I once was....Do you think that will leave me as time moves on and I heal?"

Arthur hesitated, unsure how to answer such a question. "I do not know, my Prince...It is hopefully but a side effect of the Fever and will go once your strength has returned. Or perhaps it is a mere effect of what was done to heal you but either way, just give it time. You were gravely ill...Many, including I feared that you would die. Even the birth of your brother did not fill the Kingdom with joy as most feared that one Prince would be born while the other died ...You are very loved Aemon, by the highborn and lowborn alike...Many stood vigil every night, using candles they could ill afford to waste...You just need time and then you shall hopefully be as you were."

Tyrion looked at Arthur, his head tilted curiously. "Would you have mourned me, Arthur?"

Arthur allowed himself one moment of of not being proper and gently caressed Tyrion's check. "More then I could possibly say...More then I realized before you had fallen ill. Rhaegar may have become my very dear friend but you...You are something more, Aemon Tyrion. I would be lost without you."

Tyrion smiled in pure joy." I feel the same, Arthur. You are very dear to me.. almost as much as Rhaegar."

Arthur was deeply touched by that as he knew how close the brothers were, how deeply they loved each other. All knew that nothing could or would ever come between Rhaegar and Tyrion and that anyone that ever tried would pay for it, especially if Aerys had a say in that matter. As he was proving how over protective he was by the way he had reacted to Tyrion's illness and by the way he was allowing no one near Viserys. Even going so far to having his food tester suckling form Viserys wet-nurse to insure there was no poison.

For the remainder of the time that Tyrion was up, the two of them talked and the morning saw more visitors. Including his Lannister siblings. Cersei as always stayed away from him, choosing to stay by Tywin while Jaime immediately moved to sit beside Tyrion's bed. Father watched it all closely as he never let Tyrion visit with his Lannister siblings alone.

"Are you feeling better now, Aemon?"

"I...its no longer as bad as it once was."

"That's good...I was worry that you were going to die before we could become better friends ...Better brothers." Aerys jerked at that and glared at Jaime while Tywin cleared his throat. "I mean...Friends.. I want to be friends with you."

"I want to be friends as well...You should come visit me when Stannis, Rhaegal and Aerion are here.. They are my best friends..Well, them and Brandon but I don't see him. We just write to each other. Father gave me a special raven just for that, who I named Friend as I only use him to write to Brandon...Its not a very oringal name but I like it."

"I think its a great name. It matches the purpose the bird has and everything...I've never written to someone from such a long distance before...I don't like to write very often so your the farthest I've ever written to."

Tyrion smiled. "Well, I'm glad you write to me as other wise we would never get to know each other, especially as your going to squire for Sumner Crakhall soon."

"Yeah, you can still write to me there though."

"Oh, I know. If he tries to stop me, I'll have Father yell at him."

Aerys smiled at Tyrion. "Don't worry, my love. If anyone tries to stop you doing anything they will answer to me and it will not be pleasant for them.""

Tyrion laughed happily." You'll yell at them lots and lots, won't you, Papa." Aerys nodded savagely with an unholy light in his eyes at the thought of punishing anyone that dared deny his son. Tywin grimaced.

Cersei grew bored with all of it and demanded. "Can we go now, Father?"

Aerys frowned in anger at the disrespect the girl dared to show to his son. "Girl , the Prince wishes to spend time with you for whatever reason and so you will stand there and spend time with my son."

Cersei sniffed but Tywin's tight grip on her shoulder silenced her while Tyrion frowned at her. Jaime tried to start the conversation again but the moment was ruined and the three of them swiftly left. Tywin fiercely scolded Cersei that night, knowing well that if Tyrion was unhappy with her then any chance of her marrying Rhaegar would be gone. As neither Rhaegar or Aerys would ever marry or condone the marriage of someone that Tyrion did not like.

For the first time since Tyrion had woken up days ago, he was left alone with both his parents and Rhaegar were gone. He was alone and it was rather odd as he wasn't used to it. Even before his illness he had rarely been left alone. So when he sensed someone appearing he was happy as Tyrion didn't like to be alone, even with his animals present and upon seeing it was Brynden, he was even happier. As not only was his Uncle someone that he enjoyed to be with but he had also saved him from the Fever.

"Uncle. Thank you for saving me."

"Your welcome, nephew."

Tyrion was hesitant to ask this as he did not want to seem insulting or ungrateful but he had to know. "Uncle...why do I still feel so weak?"

"I was not able to heal you fully...I have learned much from the Children, including healing but even they can only do so much. The sickness that was consuming you was severe and it almost took your life several times. If you were not so strong, you would not have been in my power to save... And still, much of your life force was lost, taken by the sickness."

"So. What does that mean?"

"You will never be a great warrior or anything of the like, my nephew but such things do not matter. For I will make you great in other ways that will make the physicals look like something that would matter to a bug. Things that will fill you with power and the like." ."

"Like what, Uncle?"

"In time. First you must regain all the strength you can and heal. You have had a wasting illness and you must rest.. Once you are as well as you can be, I will return and you will begin to learn how to wield the power that courses through you."

"What power and why must I wait?"

"Inquisitive as always, my little impish one. You must wait because for now at least you are too weak to be able to learn anything."

"I am not. I have managed to stay awake for hours today."

"How about this, if you can walk across this room I will teach you one thing today." Tyrion nodded determinedly and struggled out of bed while his animals whined at him and Storm tried to nudge him back into bed. Tyrion took a couple of first few very wobbly steps but then he started to collapse and braced himself for a fall but was caught. Something which startled him as he had never been touched before by his Uncle, ever. Brynden smiled." Now, will you rest?"

Tyrion sighed but nodded and let himself be brought back to his bed and snuggled into it while Brynden covered him up and then tucked him in, almost as good as Mother.

"Now, rest and when it is time I will return." Then Brynden turned into a raven and disappeared and Tyrion soon drifted off to sleep, not even stirring when Rhaegar crawled into his bed and wrapped around him tightly.

Rhaegar had been waiting outside, knowing that Bloodraven was with his brother and knowing that what their Uncle had to say was important and Rhaegar had been surprised by how right he had been. Rhaegar had always known that his brother was special, that there was a power in him that none he had ever met had but he had never suspected that one day Tyrion could be like Bloodraven.

Burning, chapter 1

Title: Burning
Summary:Tyrion burns with fever and everyone worries over him as things begin to change

It took everyone by surprise when Rhaella went to wake Tyrion and discovered him burning with fever and would not wake up no matter what Rhaella did. Her screams caught everyone's attention and they all ran in and then out when Rhaella screamed at them to get the maesters. Once they were got, it was left to the Kingsguard to do the worst duty of their lives. Inform the King. In the end Lewyn was chosen to do it after a rather impressive display of cowardice and a game of rock, paper, dragon. Lewyn performed his duly by informing the Hand so he could inform the King then quickly left the room before Tywin could even respond but Lewyn did not run, he was quite firm about that when his Brothers chided him about it.

Aerys upon being told by Tywin immediately went to his son's side and was horrified to see his beloved son in such bad shape. His screaming at the Grand Maester to heal Aemon was heard over all the Red Keep. A week later so to was the Grand Maesters screams as he died for failure to heal Aemon. Aerys called for all the maesters of Westores to come to heal Aemon but more and more of them just failed as Aemon got weaker and weaker.

As the fever ravaged through the body of Aemon, all wondered if he would live to see another day as every day he was getting weaker and weaker and maesters were coming and going. Called from all corners of the Seven Kingdoms but none could do anything for the Prince. Rhaegar could not be pulled away from his brother's side for anything while Aerys locked himself away in his chambers and would not come out for anything or allow anyone to come in, literally refusing entry to all. Terrified of hearing the news of the death of his beloved son. All he had left of Joanna. Aerys would not lose Aemon and so if he kept away from everyone he would not. The Red Keep began to mourn for the still living Prince, as almost all believed that he was soon to die as he body burned.

Rhaella didn't handle it any better than her brother-husband and when she went into early labor due to the stress, she had to be dragged away from Aemon's side to give birth. Then insisted immediately after to be returned to her son's side even though she had to be carried as she was to weak to even stand up let alone walk. Rhaella named the new baby Viserys in honor of Aemon the Dragonknights father, who Aemon had been named after. She would not name him in honor of Aemon as Aemon was not dead and she refused to believe that she would lose her son. Rhaella had failed to give birth to a daughter for her sons to marry, she could not believe that she would also be punished by losing her son as well.

Rhaella stayed with her sons for weeks, unwilling to leave Aemon's side as Aemon held on but didn't get better. Rhaella clung to her hope of Aemon's continued survival as desperately as Rhaegar clung to Aemon's hand. Others came and went into the room repeatedly but neither Rhaella or Rhaegar noticed any of them. All that mattered to either of them was the boy that barely clung to his life.

It was on the fifth week, when Aemon began to deteriorate further every day, that Bloodraven finally showed up and when Gerold moved to strike him down. Not realizing who he was and only seeing a threat that had just appeared in a room with almost the entire royal family. Rhaella was forced to cry out.


Her cry echoed across the room and while Gerold was the one that halted his attack immediately at his Queen's order, it was Bloodraven Rhaella had been crying out to. Rhaella knew her great uncle well and knew that Gerold was no match to him. The power that Bloodraven had was impressive and no mere mortal would ever be able to touch Bloodraven unless he allowed it. Not to mention that Rhaella knew why Bloodraven had come to be here and she would not wait any longer than necessary to see her beloved son healed from his fever that burned his body for so long. The fact that Rhaella did not know if killing Gerold would tire Bloodraven out or not. Nothing mattered more to Rhaella than Aemon's continued existence and health.

Which was why Rhaella did not recoil when Bloodraven turned completely to her and she saw him fully for the first time in years and saw that time had not been kind to him. There was barely anything human about her several time great uncle anymore. Still though, Rhaella pushed all thoughts away but one. Healing Aemon.

"Niece." Bloodraven managed to mock while bowing to her, an impressive feat.

"Ser Gerold, leave us." Once Gerold was gone, Rhaella turned toward her uncle. "Uncle Brynden, heal him."

Rhaegar focused on something other than his brother for the first time in five weeks, other than the brief times where he had been forced to eat by Rhaella."Bloodraven ..You saved Tyrion in the womb...You brought him into this life with your powers....You will save him now." The force that Rhaegar put into those words impressed even Bloodraven, which was not an easy thing to do.

"Why else would I be here, my great great nephew?"

"Please, do it now, Brynden." Rhaella was not above begging if it became necessary. She would do anything for her children, including kill or destroy anyone that got in her way to Aemon's health.

Bloodraven moved to Aemon's side and gazed down at his very sick nephew and began to cast spell after spell to save him. It had been years since anything had mattered to him but the moment that he had 'seen' Aemon Tyrion's birth, he had felt connected for the first time since Daeron's death. Aemon Tyrion mattered to Brynden in a way that was foreign to him but at the moment he did not let that faze him. All that mattered was preventing this sickness from taking him. Brynden had been forced to watch almost half his family die during the Great Sickness that tore Westores apart, he would not do it again. The Children of the Forest had taught him much, he would use it all to save Aemon Tyrion.

Hours past while Brynden worked tirelessly over the prone body of his nephew and Rhaegar just sat and watched as life began to return to his brother and for the first time since this all began, he began to hope. Tyrion was not leaving him. Rhaegar fell to his knees and rested his hand on Tyrion's arm while giving thanks to the Gods and Brynden for saving the one person in all the world that truly mattered to him.

Rhaella just watched her sons and uncle while holding Viserys, feeling as if a huge weight was lifted from her now that Aemon was being healed. Her son was saved and that was all that mattered to Rhaella. For weeks she had been terrified that she was watching her son wither away and had been unable to do anything to stop it. Just as she had been unable to stop Summerhall from burning or her father from wasting away. Aemon was saved where as they had died. She could now breath easily as she watched her son begin to glow from the power being poured into him. Rhaella watched as Bloodraven finally pulled away from Aemon and instantly Rhaegar and Rhaella were watching Bloodraven like hawks, waiting for him to speak.

"I healed him as best I could but....the damage done to his body..it was too great even for me to heal completly. I believe that he will always be weak in body but he will survive this."

Rhaella was glad to hear that Aemon would survive but worried about the weak in body, for she well remembered her Father. "What do you mean weak in body?"

"Aemon will find it difficult to do ...anything to.. tiring or strenuous. I very much doubt that he will ever be able to learn any form of fighting or jousting. Even long journeys on horses may be to much for him...His lungs are extremely weak, the fever nearly completely destroyed them and his heart was....Well, he will never be strong physically but he will live...and with time, his body may become stronger.. The magic that he possess may help him in that area."

"Magic." Rhaegar was beyond grateful that Tyrion would be okay and he knew that Tyrion had no true interest in becoming a knight so he knew that his brother would be fine with not being one. He knew that Tyrion would be far more interested in magic though.

"Yes, it is why I felt and saw his birth. The blood of valyrien is strong in him."

"Of course it is, he is my brother." Rhaegar smiled down at Tyrion and tightly grasped his hand. Brynden looked at his many times great grandnephew and couldn't help but to wish a different fate for Rhaegar than the one he could see but he knew that Rhaegar would die by being hit by a war hammer. Brynden had long ago learned that he could not prevent the deaths he saw. He turned toward Aemon once again, he was weary and he had to return to the Children.

"I will be back, my young nephew. We shall have much to discuss."

Bloodraven placed a gold pendant over Aemon Tyroin's neck and then disappeared. Rhaella glanced at the pendant after she got over the shock of Bloodraven just disappearing and was amazed at it. It was the traditional Targaryen three dragons but the details was such that it was like each dragon was real and could fly off the pendant. The scales on the dragons were all carved individually and the eyes were perfect rubies. Rhaella could feel the heat coming from it and knew that there was power in it and that made her fearful. She trusted Brynden to save Aemon but she was not sure that she trusted him in anything else. He was after all one of the Great Bastards and perhaps he might become jealous or envious of all that Aemon had that had been denied to him. Rhaella moved to take it off Aemon, just in case, but Rhaegar grabbed her hand.

"Leave it. It is a gift from Bloodraven and Tyrion needs it...I don't believe that Bloodraven is a threat to Tyrion and he needs to be protected above all else. The pendant will protect Tyrion and I will not allow anyone to take any form of protection from him. My brother must be safe. Forever."

Rhaella wanted to argue but looking into Rhaegar's eyes, she grew afraid for a brief moment. Rhaella had no doubt in that moment that Rhaegar would prevent her from removing the necklace by any means necessary. Aemon's illness had changed her son and she knew that Rhaegar had grown up more in the last five weeks then he had for five years. Her son was only sixteen but he was beyond a doubt a man now. A man that would defend Aemon from anything and anyone, even her. Rhaella let the necklace go and Rhaegar released her had and sat back in the chair he had been in for five weeks. Rhaegar picked up his harp and began one of his songs for Aemon, playing one of his favorites that Rhaella suspected he had written about Aemon. It was a song that he had not played since Aemon had grown ill as Aemon was not able to appreciate it and told Rhaegar not to play it but now that Aemon was healed, he was playing it.

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Truths and Griefs

Title: Truth and Griefs
Summary: Tyrion finds out the truth of who he is

Try as he might Tyrion could not understand why his father was so upset and while he was upset by father locking himself away and mother not being around much, he was also curious about why. As never before had his parents not spent some time with him every single day yet since their return from Summerhall, they had barely come to see him at all. Only Rhaegar was still acting normal though even he had an air of melancholy that Tyrion truly didn't understand. The fact that no matter how many times Tyrion asked Rhaegar what was gong on, he got no answers which was very surprising for Tyrion as never before had he been denied anything by his brother. Or anyone really. At five even Tyrion knew that he was spoiled beyond belief but he really didn't care and right now wanted that back as he wanted answers.

Tyrion was nothing but curious and he always wanted to know answers to everything especially when it came to his family. So Tyrion went to the weakest when it came to him. Rhaegar. It took a lot of begging, cajoling and pure manipulation but eventually Tyrion wore his brother down and got his answers then really wished that he had not, for it would eventually forever change his life, after he learned more, and perhaps not for the better.

For some truths can never be forgotten or ignored once they are learned and this would be one truth that Tyrion would never be able to ignore, forget or let go of once it was revealed in all its many forms.

"Father is upset because Lady Joanna is dead." At seeing Tyrion's brow furrowing Rhaegar remembered what Tyrion always called her. "Golden lady is dead."

Tyrion remembered the golden lay and after he touched the pendant around his neck, he remembered who had given it to him. She had always seemed very sad when she was in his presence yet always seemed to want to be there. Tyrion had seen father keeping her from his side several times and had seen Mama talking to her with an unhappy look on her face. Something that upset him greatly yet...Tyrion liked her. There was something about her that drew Tyrion to her, made him want to spend time with her despite her upsetting Mama and Father repeatedly telling him to never be alone with her or Tywin. Father always insisted that Tyrion never be alone with her, that she was not to be near him. So Father mourning her was not something that Tyrion could understand.

"Why is Father upset when he doesn't like her, Rhae?"

"Not like her. What do you mean?"

"He's always telling me to stay away from her and always pulling her away from me when she comes to see me."

"That....is different,Tyrion..He just doesn't like her near you but he....loves her a great deal and is thus sad over her dying."


Valiant tried to nudge Tyrion and he stoked his lion cub and remembered that the golden...Joanna had given the lion cubs to him as well and now she was dead and that left Tyrion feeling surprising bereft of... something that Tyrion had no name for. Tyrion climbed into Rhaegar's lap and let his brother stroke his hair while humming a song to him while Tyrion stroked Valiant.


Days later Tyrion was better able to handle the way his parents were withdrawn and while he was still disturbed about his own feelings about Joanna, he was coping. After all, at the end of the day what was Joanna Lannister to him but a weird feeling and some gifts. Tyrion knew that one day his parents would come back to themselves and thus to him and life would go on. For now Tyrion would have Rhaegar, Arthur and Stannis for company and soon Aerion and Rhaegel would arrive. Not to mention all of his animals. In the end all that had truly been bothering Tyrion was the unknown of what was happening in his life. That had bothered him and now he knew and was thus able to accept. All was well in Tyrion's life once again.

Until Tyrion was eavesdropping on some servants and his life as he knew it was forever altered.

His attention was caught when Tyrion heard his name mentioned.

"That poor lad. His own mother is dead and he doesn't even know it. "Startled Tyrion jerked out from outside of his hiding spot and started to run, needing to get away. His abrupt departure caused the servants to startle and upon seeing him, they both began to pray. Tyrion kept running until he was finally in Rhaegar's arms. Who was incredibly startled when Tyrion throw himself into his arms and then started to cry and screaming for their mother. Demanding Rhaegar take him to her. Rhaegar didn't understand what was going on but to calm his brother, he carried him to their mother's chambers. He was surprised to see his Father there as well but couldn't speak before Tyrion flung himself out of his arms and into Rhaella's. To say Rhaella was startled when her youngest son suddenly throwing himself into her arms and then clinging to her with all his strength would be an understatement.

"Aemon, what is it, my little dove. What is troubling you?"

"They said you were dead, Mama and that I didn't know?"

"Dead. I'm not dead. Who would have told you that?"

"They said that you were dead...I was listening....They said you were dead."

Rhaegar was the first to shake off his horrified startlement. "Tyrion, what were their exacte words?"

"That poor lad. His own mother is dead and he doesn't even know." Tyrion noticed the reaction from his words even through his distress.

"They did not mean me, my love."

"Then who did they mean?"

"Aemon...I.." Listening to her made Tyrion want to run away as the fear that raised in him began to take hold. For Tyrion was an extremely smart five year old and he was well aware of what the only meaning of those words could be with Rhaella being perfectly healthy and alive.

"Is it true?,....Are you not my mother?"

"Aemon, I will always be your mother. Always. I raised you, I love you and I always will...Joanna just gave birth to you.'

Aerys looked at his son."Aemon, Rhaella is your mother in all ways that truly matter...I loved Joanna.. If not for our father, I would have married her.. but I didn't. I was with Joanna and we created you...We didn't know for sure that you were mine until...until your Uncle came to tell me in a dream. He sent one to Rhaegar as well and we went to claim you."

The room suddenly began to shake and Aerys stopped talking as he looked around while Rhaella clutched her brother/husband's hand. Aerys looked at her and saw that she was staring at Aemon. Aerys looked at Aemon and saw that his eyes were flashing between black and red. Rhaegar moved to lift Aemon into his lap and tried to calm his brother, showing no surprise of his brother's powers. Aerys had long suspected that his son had power, largely due to Bloodraven's interest but he had never had such proof before. Only mild cases of things falling over or moving to Aemon's side without anyone or anything touching them. Now Aerys knew that Aemon had the true blood of Valrian flowing through his veins for only those of Valrian blood were so powered. Outside of the Children of the Forest, of course.

Rhaegar rocked Tyrion carefully while whispering urgently into his ear. "Calm yourself, my love. Be calm. I am here and all is well, brother."

"I'm not your brother."

Rhaegar drew back instantly and a rarely seen frown was on his face. " You are my brother, Tyrion. Even if Father wasn't your Father, you would be my brother for I love you as one and that is all that matters. You are my brother, Father is your Father and Mother is your Mother. You just have another that gave birth to you...That's all. Mother has loved you since the moment that you were placed in her arms. Joanna Lannister just carried you within her then gave birth to you...and nearly died doing it, showing how weak she truly was."

"Rhaegar." Tyrion saw Father in a true fury for the first time in his life." Do not speak of her that way.""

"Its true, if not for Bloodraven she would have died and perhaps taken Tyrion with her. Just as she did with the baby she was caring now. If not for Bloodraven, Tyrion would never have existed and where would I....where would any of us be without him."

"No where." Rhaella leaned over and caressed Aemon's cheek. "Without you, I would be lost and empty. For I love you so very much, Aemon. Nothing matters but that. You may not be of my body but you are of my heart."

"As you are of mine, my son. You may be of my body but even if you weren't I would love you just the same for you are my son in my heart and mind."Aerys smiled gently at his son, at the last thing he had left of Joanna. Aemon was the essence of the love he bore the only woman he would ever truly love. And the product of the union that he had with Tywin, which had slowly withered into nothing since he claimed Aemon.

"See, brother. It doesn't matter who bore you for nine little months. It matters how you are loved, who raised you and who cared for you. Not who's blood you share."

"And...I still share Mother's blood.. She is...just my Aunt now." Tyrion was beginning to calm down now, thanks to their words and Rhaegar's rocking.

"No...Yes, technically...in blood I am your Aunt but I am your Mother in every other way and would.. like to continue to be called that, Aemon."

"Okay, Mama....I would prefer to call you that to."

Aerys sighed as he watched his son and wife hug and he knew that it was over. That Aemon had accepted what he had found out and was now ready to let it go. So now Aerys could find out what he had been dying to know since Aemon had burst into the room.

"Aemon, who told you?" Not about to refuse his father such a meaningless request, Tyrion described the men that he had heard and Rhaegar was able to recognize who his brother was talking about. Aerys sent guards to arrest them but Tyrion paid no mind to any of that. All he cared about was a thought that had been brewing in his mind. Since he remembered that the golden lady had twins.

"Can I get to know them?'


"The Lannisters.... I know that Joanna was dead...but I want to meet the others...My siblings...Please, Father."

"Aemon, why would you want to meet them, they are not your true family. We are. You have no need of any of them. You have Rhaegar, you mother, Steffon, and I. The Lannisters are not dragons."

"No...but they are a part of me....Just as Rhaegar is. I don't care about this Joanna as I have a Mama and I don't need a new one even if she was alive...but I would like to know my other siblings...Are they anything like Rhaegar, Father?"

"I never met them but I doubt it. We are Dragons, Aemon and no lion will ever be a dragon."

"I know that...Please, Father...I want to know them."

The truth was that Aerys could never deny Aemon anything that he truly wanted and while his desire to keep Aemon all to himself was strong, his desire to please Aemon was stronger. Aerys would not deny Aemon anything that he wanted. "Very well, Aemon. I will summon them to Kings Landing for you."

"After their done mourning, brother."

Aerys scowled, Aemon wanted them so they should come immediately. For Aemon was his beloved, now the last thing he would ever have of Joanna, thus he should have whatever he wanted.

"Father, its fine. Let them mourn.. If.. Mama were to die I would want to mourn....Is it alright that I call you Mama?"

Rhaella gathered Aemon to her and hugged him tightly. "Of course it is, my dove. As I said, you are my son and I am your mama...You may be a lion but you are more a dragon then anything else. You are my dragon. You are Fire and Blood."

SummerHall,chapter 2

The fun that Tyrion was having with Rhaegal and Aerion was the most he had ever had when it did not involve Rhaegar but as time wound down, he did miss his brother. Which was when Rhaegar appeared, reminding Tyrion that Rhaegar always seemed to know when he needed him. Rhaegar was as always so in-tuned with him that Tyrion suspected sometimes that his brother could read his mind as he always seemed to know everything. Tyrion was happy about it and instantly ran over to his brother and was instantly lifted up into the air and swung around. Causing him to giggle, which caused Rhaegar to laugh in true joy. Rhaegar finally stopped spinning when they were both dizzy and tired and he held Tyrion tightly to him and Tyrion helped him by wrapping his arms and legs around his brother.

"What are you up to, my dragon?"

"We're exploring, Rhae. Wanna come with us."

"How could I refuse such a wonderful adventure."

The four of them explored the outside of Summerhall and then went inside and began to explore all that Father had built for Tyrion. It truly amazed Tyrion what his Father had done for him, had started to do for him even before Tyrion was able to walk, talk or even truly move by himself. Summerhall was proof that Father had always loved him, even before Tyrion had truly been a person. Had thoughts of his own. Tyrion found that very comforting even if he had never doubted his Father's love for him it was still nice to know. This grand gesture of Father's ensured that not only did Tyrion know for sure of his Father's love so to did all the Seven Kingdoms and beyond. Rhaegar gained his attention by making a flourishing gesture in front of two large wooden doors that had a large stone.ivory around them that looked like a dragon's skull, with the mouth being the doors. Large rubies were its eyes.

"And this is our legacy, our Hall of Ancestors."

Rhaegar took them into the Hall of Ancestors, as Father had named it. Tyrion was surprised to see that there was copies of all the portraits of the Targaryen dynasty in it just like the ones in the Red Keep. Everyone of the Kings and Queens were in them and there was a portrait of every Targaryen born in the last three hundred years. From Aegon and Rhaenys daughters to even the Martell descendants after Daenerys married Maron Martell. Every single Targaryen now resided withing Summerhall just as they did in the Red Keep. The amount of time and talent that had to go into coping the paintings amazed Tyrion almost as much as the recreation of Summerhall for him. It was also almost as touching as now Tyrion would always have his families legacy with him, even when he was separated from them.

One end of the Hall had the very large portrait of Aegon,Visneya and Rhaenys while the other end had a portrait of father, Mother, Rhaegar and him. All the others were in between the two as befitting the fact that Tyrion's family were the last of the Targaryen legacy. Whenever Tyrion had wanted to be alone but with family at the same time, he had always gone to the Royal Gallery and sat among his ancestors. He had not been aware that anyone had known about that hiding place but obviously someone had for Father to know that he enjoyed being among his ancestors.

"Do you like it, my dragon?"

"I love it, Rhae....It's perfect." Tyrion kissed Rhaegar's cheek and rested his head on his shoulder while looking at the portraits. Aerion looked around at the portraits and sighed in boredom while Rhaegal smiled.

"All of our family in such a glorious Hall...Cousin really did out do himself." Tyrion smirked down at his cousin, happy that someone else also appreciated this room and all its contents.

Rhaegar looked at his cousin."Yes, he did. Summerhall is as much our heritage as Dragonstone and the Red Keep. All those that died here..or didn't die it deserve to be remember here as well as at those places...Now come, there is one more place I think you should see, brother."

The last place they went was to the main tower, they climbed to the very top and once there Tyrion was amazed by what was there. For the roof was made of glass. Some colored and some clear. A huge doom of glass with the very center of it being the symbol of house Targaryen. A three headed dragon. Exquisitely beautiful. There was no walls of stone or wood, only glass in all directions. Only the floor and the entrance in the floor for the staircase were made of stone, everything else was glass. Allowing everyone to see as far as the mountains on one side and Westores in the other.

Tyrion made Rhaegar put him down as he wandered around the room, looking at the glass and at the view. Finding it all simply fascinating in its pure beauty. Tyrion was simply enchanted by it and unwilling to leave. Eventually Aerion and Rhaegal grew bored of the room and left but Rhaegar stayed and simply watched his brother until Tyrion turned to him.

"This room is perfect...but there's...something...Off about it." Rhaegar smiled at his brilliant brother.

"Yes. There is a secret in this room...and several other rooms...In this one though, it is even more unique. Find the dragon that's on the floor."

Tyrion instantly looked around and after a moment of searching something caused him to look at a small sketch of a dragon over by the south window. A dragon.

"Quite good, brother. Now press on it." Tyrion did as instructed and was startled when stone moved and revealed a second staircase. Tyrion laughed and rushed down it, ignoring Rhaegar calling for him. After quite a few stairs Tyrion suddenly found himself in his room. Tyrion was unsure how he had gotten here when he was quite sure that there had not been a doorway here before." You opened the door when you stepped in the third stair."

Tyrion was stopped from speaking when Mischief and Mayhem, his otters, came running over to him. Tyrion scooped them up into his arms and cuddled them close to him then turned to Rhaegar."I quite like all of it, Rhae but now I want to see your Summerhall."

"Mine...Tyrion, all of Summerhall is yours. Father made it for you and your descendants. You know that."

"I know..I want to see your beloved ruins...I want to see where you go when you leave me...I want to see where our family burned."

Even though Tyrion had seen the ruins when they had come to Sumnmerhall, he was not prepared for how horrible and haunting looking they looked once Rhaegar,Arthur and him got close.. He was actually somewhat frightened of it which was a rather new experience for Tyrion as he was rarely ever afraid of anything. None of his family ever allowed him to be.

Rhaegar of course noticed his discomfort and immediately sought to comfort him." There is nothing to fear, my love. There is nothing here that is capable of harming you and even if there was, I would slay it before it could ever lay a single finger one you. As would Arthur."

"I know...Rhae..I just...Sing to me...Please."

"Of course,anything for you." Rhaegar sat on the ground in a rather graceful move and Tyrion instantly moved to his side.

Tyrion listened to Rhaegar's songs in the ruins of the first Summerhall with his eyes closed and his head in his brother's lap. The songs were the saddest that he had ever heard from his brother but they were also the most beautiful. Tyrion had always known that his brother was filled with a melancholy that sometimes consumed him but that no matter how sad or how melancholy Rhaegar became, Tyrion could always bring him back. Even when his brother shunned all company and even food at times, Rhaegar never shunned him.

Tyrion was not entranced with the ruins as Rhaegar was, he much preferred his Summerhall especially as he knew all that had burned withing the ruins but he did feel.. something within them. Almost like something was calling to him, whispering in his ear to come and discover the secrets of the past and while Tyrion was tempted, nothing would ever draw him away from Rhaegar's side. His beloved brother was all he truly needed and nothing would or could change that. Not even his dead ancestors.

The time they spent in Summerhall may have given Tyrion more family and friends but Tyrion would always need his big brother over anything and everything else. At the end of the day, his brother was all that he truly needed and Tyrion was content with that knowledge. Rhaegar was his other half.

Tyrion gradually fell asleep in the ruins of the old Summerhall listening to Rhaegar sing and woke up still in Rhaegar's arms and he was content and at peace with that. He was happy, he had a perfect castle that was all for him and he had his family at his side and his brother entwined with him. Nothing could ever take away that happiness from him.

Or so Tyrion thought upon waking but when they returned to the castle it was to see a search party forming and their father pacing angrily, he knew it could be taken from him. The moment that he saw them Tyrion could almost see Father getting ready to start yelling at them while Mama and Steffon were running over to them.

Tyrion knew as his family coed over him and asked if he was alright that Rhaegar and him were going to be punished for this.

Everything changed though when the messenger arrived from Kings landing and everyone was immediately forced to return though no one would tell Tyrion why. For the messenger had only four words and they both maddened and grieved Aerys.

"Joanna Lannister was dead."

SummerHall, chapter 1

Title: SummerHall
Summary: Tyrion finally gets to see his new home and makes some new friends

To say that Tyrion was excited when he learned that Father was taking him somewhere for the first time ever, Tyrion was able to leave Kings Landing. Something that had never happened before. Tyrion couldn't help but to bounce in excitement on Windrider while Rhaegar had to repeatedly grab his bridle to keep him from racing off to reach Summerhall faster. Tyrion really wanted to see the place that his brother so loved and the place that his father had created for him. Summerhall had always been one of the stories that Rhaegar talked about most and Tyrion had always wanted to go with Rhaegar when he journeyed there but father had never allowed it and now he was finally going to see it and better yet it was his.

That was amazing and Tyrion really just wanted to hurry along but with mother coming in her carriage and all of the baggage and servants for Summerhall along with the men that would guard it, there was a lot of people. Meaning they were ail going at a snails pace. Thought the fact that a carriage filled with animals made Tyrion happy, even if he had not been allowed to bring all of them as father insisted that there simply was to many.

Finally though Rhaegar turned to his brother. "We are almost there, Tyrion. Barely more than a mile left."

The happy squeal that Tyrion let out would be denied to his dying day of ever making but he was happy and the time went both fast and slow until finally they turned and Tyrion saw glorious cliffs that plunged into the sea and then he saw Summerhall.

Staring at Summerhall, the place that Rhaegar so talked about and had written songs about amazed Tyrion. The ruins were amazing as was the new castle that father had built for him. It was a huge place that made the Red Keep look small, soaring towers and spires ruled the sky while splaying out as far as the eye could see. There was a huge doom made of sparkling colored glass and a huge dragon statue that would make any of the dragon statues at Dragonstone look like mice in comparison. It was glorious.

Tyrion turned to father.

"Thank you, Papa. I love it."

Aerys smiled at his son and caressed his cheek with ever so gentle fingers."I am glad, my son."

"As am I."

Tyrion turned toward the voice and saw that Steffon had approached on horseback. He laughed and threw himself at his cousin, leaping form his horse onto Steffon's. Steffon let out a gaps as he hurried to catch Tyrion while Rhaegar yelled out in fear and the Kingsuard moved to try to help but Steffon mange to grab Tyrion and prevent him from falling. Tyrion held onto Steffon in joy.

"You ...This was the surprise, you helped make Summerhall."

"Yes. I have been helping design this place since your first Name Day. Now, Aemon you should never leap like that again. It was very dangerous."

"It wasn't dangerous. I'm great with horses, with all animals. You know that,."

"What you just did has nothing to do with horsemanship, Aemon. It was all luck. If I had not caught you, you would have fallen to the ground and might have broken your neck. You must never leap like that."

"For I will not lose you, brother."

Tyrion turned in Steffon's arms to look at Rhaegar and saw how pale his brother suddenly was, how afraid Rhaegar looked and felt guilty. He had not meant to frighten his brother. He had only been happy to see Steffon and the realization that his cousin had been helping Father build Summerhall. Tyrion reached for Rhaegar and Steffon handed Tyrion carefully over to Rhaegar.Rhaegar held onto Tyrion tightly and together they rode down to Summerhall


The moment Tyrion was able to slip away he did so and began to explore Summerhall and all of its wonders. Or so he planned as instead he ran into someone. Tyrion looked at the man and almost thought he was related by the way his hair was silvery gold but knew he wasn't.Even if he did have violet eyes, they were not the same type of purple of Tyrion's family. The young man knelt before Tyrion.

"I am Arthur Dayne,Your Grace."

"Oh, your going to be my new guard. Right." Tyrion remembered father talking about having someone more young to join the Kingsguard so that Tyrion would have a constant companion who was both able to protect him at all times and keep him company. Arthur was but eightenn after all.

"Yes,your Father the King will be making me a Kingsuard today. His Grace told me that he wanted to do it in your new territory as I would primarily be guarding you."

"Your the Sword of Morning, right." Once Arthur nodded, Tyrion grinned."Can I see Dawn? It was the sword that Verran Dayne used to help my ancestor Aegon conquer Westores. Made in Valyria alongside Dark Sister and Blackfyre."

Arthur laughed."I know, your Grace."Arthur pulled Dawn from its sheath and allowed Tyrion to take it, watching carefully to ensure that Tyrion did not cut himself on the blade. For Arthur liked the young prince already and it had been made very clear to him that if Aemon got a single papercut then Arthur's death would become the stuff of legend it would be so gruesome and painful.

"Tyrion, what are you doing. Put the sword down." Rhaegar was deeply unhappy to see Tyrion holding a blade. Tyrion just rolled his eyes.

"I will not cut myself, brother. I am just looking at Dawn. Remember the stories you told me about it and Verran Dayne."Tyrion squeaked when Rhaegar lifted him up and he dropped Dawn while Rhaegar swung him around. Repeatedly until Tyrion giggled hysterically. Then Rhaegar stopped and settled Tyrion on his hip, though his brother was getting a little to big to be carried.

"Now then, why were you touching a blade very capable of harming you when you know that your not suppose to touch weapons."

"Because I asked.....and he didn't know to refuse me."

The extremely mischievous, almost impish smile that came on his face told Arthur that Tyrion didn't regret a thing and that he was used to getting away with things. The way that Rhaegar just sighed in esxaparted fondness told Arthur the same.

"What am I going to do with you, brother?"

"Love me, forever and forever."Rhaegar smiled and kissed Tyrion gently while stroking his hair tenderly.

"Always." Rhaegar looked at Arthur."My brother is not suppose to touch thins that are capable of harming him, at all. So do not let him touch Dawn again, Dayne. Tyrion is..known for his mischiefish ways. Its where he got the nickname Imp from. So do not fall for such things again."

"Very well, Your Highness."

"Brother, don't be cross. he didn't know and he is my new guard."

"I know that Tyrion, which is why he needs to know these things to protect you and....himself. If it had been father...Ser Arthur would be in a lot of trouble." Tyrion pouted and Rhaegar smiled."I said if I was father. I will not tell on him as he knows no better. Now come, Father has had a perfect building created for you to house your collection of animals in when you are here. It was to be one of your in door gardens but Steffon changed it once it became known what you wanted for your Name

"Will they like it, Rhae?"

"I'm sure they will. If they don't all you have to do is tell father and he will make a better one."

"Okay, take me to see it."

Rhaegar laughed and did as his impervious brother ordered with Arthur trailing behind them, completly bemused at the new situation he had found himself in. He was beginning to realize that guarding the young prince would not be as easy as he had thought when the King had told him who he was to mainly guard. A part of Arthur thought longingly of the Water Gardens and the peace that existed there as he knew with absolute certainly that Prince Aemon would led him on a merry chase for as long as he lived but the rest...The rest was intrigued and enchanted by the boy that he had just met.


As expected, a large feast was held to welcome them to Summerhall and all of Tyrion's favorite foods were severed. Father having made sure that the servants were well aware of all that Tyrion liked while Steffon made sure that all that came to work here knew not to displease any of the royals. Summerhall was already a well oiled machine,all of the servants were well prepared inn how to take care of a castle since most of them were either from the Red Keep or Storm's End. For neither Aerys or Steffon would have Tyrion having unworthy servants. Tyrion was quite happy by it all and even more happpy by the fact that he was allowed to stay up late listening to the singers, and other entertainment. Tyrion didn't even go to his chambers. He just fell asleep in Rhaegar's arms and woke up in the morning in his bed with Valiant and Storn sleeping beside himwith Raven curled up on his pillow.

Rhaella went to wake him as was her wont of late and discovered Tyrion already dressing, excited to explore more of his new home."Are you excited to be here, my love?"

"Yes,Mother. I cant wait to see everything."

Rhaella laughed merrily at her son's enthusiasm. "First, you have to eat, my imp then Rhaegar and you can explore."

"Cant I go now, Mama?...And by myself." Tyrion loved being with Rhaeagr. If he could Tyrion would spend every moment of his day with his brother but he did like to explore things at first by himself. As he could get into more if he was by himself, Rhaegar rarely let him get into to much danger when he was there and what Rhaegar regarded as dangerous vastly differed from what Tyrion regarded as dangerous.

"Certainly not. You need your strength if you want to see Summerhall and you need someone with you at all times, you know that Aemon...and besides, you will want to eat. You have an unexpected guest."

Tyrion immediately perked up. "Who?"

"You cane see when you come to eat."

Tyrion grumbled but took his mother's hand and let himself be lead to the Great Hall. He immediately looked around, trying to see who was there. He say that many of the Houses had arrived but no one that he cared about until he looked at the in disappointment. And then he saw him. Daemon. And three other silvered haired children who were very obviously related to Daemon and thus to him. Tyrion looked at Rhaella, who smiled down at him and let go of his hand.

"Off you go, go meet your cousins."

Tyrion scurried up to the high table and to Daemon's side. "Cousin, you came despite what your grandfather said."

"Yes, I did, Aemon. I couldn't very well not see your new home, could I. No matter what happened here years ago.. Now I don't believe you have met my children yet. This is my eldest, Aerion and his twin Rhaena. And my youngest daughter Aelinor. And this rakishly handsome one is my youngest brother, Rhaegel."

The moment that Tyrion looked at Rhaegel and Aerion, he felt the connection and knew that they would be the best of friends. That outside of Rhaegar, the two of them would be the ones that he would turn to for as long as they lived.

"Would you like to explore Summerhall with me?"

Aerion smiled in fierce joy while Rhaegel smiled shyly back at Tyrion."Okay."

Thus Tyrion spent the day exploring every nook and cranny of Summerhall with his new found cousins and Arthur trailing behind them.

Name Day

Title:Name Day
Summary:<Tyrion's Name Day has arrived and everyone gathers to celebrate To say Tyrion was excited for his Name Day would be a rather large understatement as on the day of it he practically couldn't sit still. Rhaegar had to keep hold of him constantly otherwise Tyrion would go run off to check on the preparations. Tyrion wanted to see everything that was being done so Rhaegar distracted him the best way he could. By taking him to see Steffon, who was here with his sons. Tyrion didn't like Robert, something about him sent fear through him .Like Robert had taken something very important from him. Something Tyrion did not understand as Robert had not and if he had then Tyrion would just tell Father or Rhaegar and get it back. Still though Tyrion did not like him. Stannis though ,Stannis Tyrion quite liked. The fact that Stannis liked Raven made him even more like able and Tyrion had already asked Father if Stannis would stay after his Name Day. Father had promised to arrange it. Steffon guided Tyrion to Stannis, who was in the garden while Rhaegar and Steffon spoke. "Where's Raven?" "He's resting. Tolan said that his injuries are almost healed but he needs rest,." "Oh. I asked Father if Proudwing could go to a Maester to get better but he said no." Tyrion knew that Proudwing was Stannis's pet and that Robert had been cruel about how weak he was because of Proudwings's wing. Another reason that Tyrion didn't like Robert, he wasn't a very good brother. After all, Rhaegar was never cruel about Tyrion having Raven who was hurt. Rhaegar helped Tyrion take care of Raven and Tyrion knew that whatever animals Tyrion got today, Rhagear would care for just as Tyrion did. For that was what a good brother did and Robert was far from a good brother. While Rhaegar was the best. "Lets go see the horses again. I'm getting another today, maybe more. Father has made everyone give me a animal." Stannis gave Tyrion one of his rare smiles at that and they ran off to the stables, with Lewyn, Rhaegar and Steffon trailing behind. Tyrion enjoyed being in the stables, he loved the horses and loved riding them. Not that he had much a chance to do that but he could spend as much time as he wanted with them and Rhaegar often taught him how to control them. The time flew by while they were in the stables and Tywin was the one sent to find Tyrion and Rhaegar when it was time. "It is time, my Prince." Tyrion smiled at him. Tyrion had always been drawn to his father's Hand and though he had never had the occasion to be alone with Tywin or spend much of any time with him, the time he did he enjoyed. "What did you get me, Tywin?" "You will have to wait and see...but I do have something from my lady wife just for you." Tyrion knew that his wife, the golden lady as he called her, was at Casterly Rock waiting to have her child. She had come to say goodbye to him before she left, something that confused him greatly. Tywin handed him a small pouch and when Tyrion opened it, he discovered a piece of black, red and gold cloth in it with a perfectly brilliant lion and dragon swoon into it. And wrapped in the cloth was a gold necklace that bore the same symbol. Rhaegar looked at both gifts then at Tywin with a scowl. Tywin was courting death and his father's displeasure with that gift as was Joanna. Tyrion may not understand the symbol and what it represented but Rhaegar did and more importantly so to would Aerys. Rhaegar said nothing though as he saw Tyrion's happiness at the gift and would not ruin his brother's Day. Though he would speak with the Lannisters later about this and warn them. Both for angering his Father and for trying to claim a piece of his brother. Tyrion was his and he would not share. "Thank you, Tywin. I quite like it." "I am glad, my Prince. Now let us celebrate your Name Day." "Come, Stannis. We have to go get ready." Steffon and Stannis left to get ready while Tyrion, Rhaegar and Tywin left to join with Aerys. An hour later saw Tyrion meeting more people then he had ever before. Father rarely allowed people near him and now Tyrion was being introduced to a lot of people and it was only Rhaegar's presence at his side that prevented him from worrying. Well, that and Lewyn glued closely to his side. Tyrion knew that father had told him not to be farther then ten paces from him today and Tyrion was content with that after having so many people surrounding him. One by one people were introduced to Tyrion and then moved on for more people and it quickly actually became easy to deal with until he was presented with something...new. Tyrion was unsure of the new arrivals, even though he could tell they were family as they had the silver hair and eyes but he had never met them before and thus was unsure of them. Tyrion rarely came in contact with new people as father kept almost all away from him. Brandon had been the first person that he had ever truly had prolonged contact with that he had not known forever. Rhaegar saw his brother's and went to him. Lifting him into his arms. "Brother, this is our cousin Daemon. He is the grandson of Baelor and Rhaelle Targaryen, the son of Duncan." "Rhaelle. That's Steffon's mom, right." Rhaegar nodded, pleased at his brother's memory as both he and their father had ensured that Tyrion was already learning their families history." Baelor was the son of Aegon V, the only one to survive Summerhall outside of father and mother." "Yes, that is true." Tyrion turned to the new voice and saw a old man with a horrible scar on the entire left side of his face. Tyrion shrank away, startled at the scars. Never had he seen such a thing and Tyrion didn't know how to deal with this new situation. Then father was there and Tyrion hurried behind him. Holding onto his legs tightly. "You are scaring my son, Baelor. Back away now." Baelor looked down at Aemon as the child hid behind Aerys and was once again reminded of how baldy the fire had taken away from him. Not just his family but also his body, his face. Which was why Baelor had stayed hidden away in Dorne, with only his family allowed to see him for many years. Then Aerys had demanded that they all come and Baelor had been forced to leave his home at Lothlorien. Baelor wished despeatly that Rhaelle was alive at that moment. He missed the calming effect his sister had on him. Letting her go, dissolving their marriage so that she could be with her love had not been easy for Baelor but he had and now he was alone to face ridicule. To face a child looking at him in horror and fear. His great nephew was afraid of him. Daemon moved to kneel down beside Aemon and tried to get his little cousin to come away from his hiding spot. "Its okay, Aemon. I know that the scars look scary but they really are quite interesting." Rhaegar frowned, not liking another trying to force his brother into anything."Father, isn't it time for Ty...Aemon's presents." "Yes. Yes, it is. Aemon." Father held out a hand and Tyrion took it as Father moved to the center of the room where his throne sat. Not the Iron throne of course but another throne. Father sat and lifted him up onto his lap while motioning for Tywin to silence the room. Once everyone had quited and turned to them, father began to speak. "On my beloved son's Name Day, I give him a new home and new place to rest .Summerhall, rebuilt and Aemon's till the day he dies then his sons. He is now and forever the Prince of Summerhall." Shocked silence and then clapping as everyone tried not to gape, no one had known that Summerhall was being rebuilt or that Aerys would give it to his bastard son as oppose to his heir. Though no one would ever call Aemon a bastard as Aerys had made it quiet clear that Aemon was to be treated as the son of Aerys and Rhaella and that anyone talking otherwise would be treated as a traitor and killed. And that anyone that even hinted of Joanna in Aemon's presence would be tortured to death. Aerys told anyone who came close to Aemon that, ensuring that Aemon never learned the truth. Tyrion looked to Rhaegar."Summerhall, the place that you sometimes go to." "Yes...Well, the ruins of the oringal Summerhall is where I go. Father rebuilt but left the ruins alone after I asked it of him...We'll be taking you there soon, I convince Father to let us take you to your new residence...It Is quiet beautiful." "Though you won't be living there." Aerys hugged Aemon to him."You will not leave my side for as long as I am alive, my beloved son." "You rebuilt that cursed place."Tyrion shrunk away from an enraged Baelor and Rhaegar was instantly in front of him. "You know what happened there." "What happened there is gone and now it belongs to my son. Speak of it again and be banished, cousin." Baelor opened his mouth, but then Daemon was there and he was quickly dragging Baelor away. Rhaegar distracted Tyrion from his thoughts by handing him a chest. "One of my presents for you." Tyrion opened the chest excitedly and was happy to see a book. "Its one of Barth's Dragons, Wyrms, and Wyverns: Their Unnatural History, one of the few that survived Baelor's fires." "Thank you, Brother." Tywin approached Tyrion next and handed Tyrion a lion cub. Tyrion cooed at the cute little thing while hugging it to him. "The symbol of my house is now yours, Prince Aemon. Along with a female cub. Lions should never be separate from its pride after all." Tyrion noticed the way that Tywin was looking at his father when he said that but he didn't pay any attention to it. The lion was taking all of his attention as Tyrion dangled his hair at the cub until Rhaegar handed him some yarn. Tyrion giggled as the lion rolled onto his back and bated at the yarn. "What shall you name him, Tyrion?" "Valiant as he is valiantly trying to get the yarn an before that my hair." Over the next hour Tyrion was given many gifts and many, many animals. From wolves to falcons to tigers to cheetahs to horses to eagles to snow leopards and so much more. One of the last was a weird looking wolf and a phoenix egg. No one came forward to claim it but Rhaegar hanged him a card that read 'The direwolf is your destiny, my young nephew and the phoenix shall teach you to soar.' Despite the fact that there was no name, Tyrion had no doubt as to who it was from. Bloodraven. He was confused about the destiny part but mostly ignored it as Bloodraven had just given him two animals that had not been seen on this side of the Wall in centuries. Direwolves and phoenixes were amazing creatures and Tyrion couldn't wait for the egg to hatch while Tyrion hugged the direwolf to him. Tyrion looked down at it, the direwolf was black with blue/red eyes while he had a silver mark on his side in the shape of a dragon. He was perfect. The black of his fur reminded Tyrion of a storm so that was his name. Storm. Tyrion hugged Storm and Valiant close to him while looking at the other animals and his presents. He was quite happy with all that he had gotten and couldn't wait to go to Summerhall.

A Dragon's Pet

Title: A Dragon's Pet
Summary:Tyron makes two new friends while causing chaos and panic

Tyrion's love for animals was started by someone else just his love of books was started because of Rhaegar, so his love of animals started by meeting Brandon Stark. Tyrion had managed to sneak away from all his caretakers and was searching for Rhaegar when he accidentally stumbled into part of the Red Keep that he rarely went to as it was where visiting nobles were housed. And Tyrion had never had a need to be there as when a noble wanted to see the royals, they came to them not the other way around. So Tyrion was excited to explore the new place and forget about searching for Rhaegar as he did love new things.

Tyrion was looking into the rooms and looking into all the hallways when he stumbled upon a boy that looked a few years older then him. The boy heard Tyrion and turned to him.

"Who are you?"

Tyrion knew that if he told the boy his name then the boy would tell the others where he was so he told him part of his name, or at least part of the name Rhaegar called him. And sometimes that golden lady. "I'm Ty."

"Hi. I'm Brandon."

Tyrion saw that Brandon had something in his arms.

"Whats that?"

"Its a monkey. I found it in the market place. Its hurt so Father let me take it."

"You went to the market place." Tyrion had never been outside the palace, at least not that he could remember save when Rhaegar took him to see the Dragon Pits. Never had father let him leave beyond that and at four Tyrion found that very annoying as he wanted to explore. See all of the places that Tyrion had just begun to read of and all the places that Rhaegar had told him about. Rhaegar had promised to show him one day, take him exploring but Tyrion was old enough to understand that as long as his father was alive that would never happen. So Tyrion wanted to hear from the people that had went, even if the market place was not all that far away. It was still far enough away for Tyrion.

"Er...Yes. There was a lot of food and other things.. Father let me have a meat pie that was quite good...I found the monkey hiding under a stall and I saw that its arm was hurt.. I convinced Father to let me take it after he asked around about it. Its obviously someone's pet as it very clean."

Tyrion lifted the monkey up and looked at the paw and knew that he would take it to maester Tolan and he would heal him up just as he always healed Tyrion of his wounds. Rhaegar always told him that whenever he was hurt he was to got to Tolan. Surely that was the same for animals. Tyrion was about to suggest that to Brandon when suddenly the door to the chambers was open and a rather big man came through. Tyrion was started by the size of the man and for the first time Tyrion was reminded of the fact that perhaps he shouldn't have sneaked away. As he had never been alone with a strange man before and he was...leery of that. Tyrion was unsure of how to handle this new situation and he wished for Rhaegar. For Father to come and be there for him. He didn't like this at all. The fact that the man was rather.. hairy and wild looking didn't help anything.

Thankfully the man didn't notice him right away and started talking to Brandon.

"Whatever the King wanted me for seems not to important as he has dismissed all for some reason so we'll go and find someone to look at your new pet, Brandon."

"He seems to like Ty more, Father.'

"Who's Ty?" And then the man looked at Tyrion and Tyrion tried not to shrink away at being focused on by this strange man. Though Tyrion must have shown his nervousness in some way for the man kneeled down beside him and talked rather gently to him." You must be Ty." Tyrion nodded at him slowly." I'm Rickard Stark, this ones father." When Rickard grabbed Brandon and ruffled his hair, Tyrion relaxed as Rhaegar did that to him all the time and Brandon was not worried about Rickard so while Tyrion still wished for his family to be there, he was no longer worried.

"The monkey is hurt."

"Yes, I know.. I was gong to try to find someone to look at it."

"We could.. go get Tolan...My brother told me to go to him when I'm hurt so...he should be able to help the monkey."

"Tolan..Is that your maester?"At Tyrion's nod, Rickard smiled." Well, maesters are for humans but he might be able to guide us to someone.. Is Tolan in the city or is he at your home."

"This is my home...Tolan has to help the monkey."

"Maybe he can..."

"Don't you think we should name the monkey, Father?"

"Yes...Perhaps we should let Ty name him.. After all the monkey rather likes him so maybe we should let Ty keep him." And thus not have to bring him to Winterfell."If his family would allow that."

"Oh, they will. Father never tells me no....He will be Raven, after Uncle."

"That's not really a name for a monkey." Tyrion looked at him, annoyed that he was questioning the name but before he could speak there was a knock at the door.

"My Lord, some of the royal guards are demanding to be let in."

Rickard rose from his crouch but before he could do anything the door burst open while men rushed in and were about to start searching when they all stopped and stared. One immediately left while the others encircled Rickard and Brandon with swords drawn while gently urging Tyrion further away form them. Careful not to touch him though. Rickard almost reached for his sword before remembering that he didn't have it on, having just left waiting for the King where it was forbidden to carry any form of steel. He was furious to have swords pointing at him and his son. "What is the meaning of this?"

When Tyrion saw Gerold and Lewyn come in, he sighed and knew that he would be returned to his chamber for a time out but when they turned their attention to Rickard and Brandon after seeing that he was okay, he was confused. So he petted Raven.

"Who are you to dare try and take the prince?" Gerold was furious at the fact that the Starks had tried to take the Prince, especially as he was quite fond of Aemon as he was the one that was most often tasked with guarding him by the King. Today though Barristan had been the one to be guarding Aemon as Gerold had been needed at the council. When Barristan had rushed in and told him of Aemon's disappearance, Gerold had been furious and terrified yet grateful that the King had not been there today as he was well away Barristan's life would have been forfeit. And while he was going to see his young 'brother' punished for failing at his duty, he would not see him burned unless asked directly by the King. Though the fact that the Hand had been there might mean the King would know regardless.

Rickard was surprised and very confused as he had done nothing to Rhaegar and had not even seen Prince Aemon." I have done nothing to either of the Princes, Lord Commander. I spent most of the day waiting to meet with the King and once I was told that he would not see me today, I came back to my chambers for my son and..." Rickard turned to Ty and saw the way the royal guards were surrounding him as well as the fact that Prince Lewyn was standing between Rickard and his son and Ty. Rickard turned to Brandon. "Brandon, you said his name was Ty."

"His name is Prince Aemon Tyrion, your grace to you Stark."Lewyn turned to Aemon after speaking, he knew his youngest charge and knew that if the Starks had taken him, Tyrion would have spoken up already. Not to mention that Tyrion had recently started to try to sneak away and while he had never successfully managed it, Lewyn knew that it had only been a matter of time. Not to mention there was no way someone could have taken Aemon without Barristan noticing something, especially when Aemon was displeased he still was loud. So Lewyn went to Aemon's side and kneeled down to the prince." Your Grace, how did you come to be here?"

"I snuck away while Barristan was getting my food...I wanted to find Rhaegar but then I ...was here and I had never seen this part of the Keep before so I explored it. I met Brandon and he had Raven and then I wanted to take Raven to Tolan but then Rickard said that Tolan might not help him...Do you think Tolan will help Raven?'

"Who is Raven?" Lewyn got his answer by having Aemon shoving a monkey into his face. Lewyn jerked back and some of the guards couldn't help but to laugh as they relaxed for the first time since learning that the Prince had gone missing. All of them had been well aware what the King would do to them if the Prince was not found. Lewyn regained his balance and gently pushed the monkey away form him." I am sure that someone could be found for him, my Prince. First though, did the Starks do anything to you? Did they touch you or hurt you in any way?"

"NO.. Why would they hurt me?" Lewyn and Gerold started to relax until a voice from the door caused them to stiffen and realized that it was not yet over.

"Why would who hurt you?" Tywin demanded as he moved to Aemon, glad to see that Aemon was unharmed as far as he could see. When he had heard that Aemon was missing Tywin had begun to imagine how he would tell Joanna that her son had been taken and that had not been a very good thing to imagine. Not with how she would react, never mind that she was pregnant. Tywin knew that Joanna would have ridden for Kings Landing immediately and tore the city apart herself if necessary. Tywin couldn't imagine even more telling his wife that Aemon was dead. It would have destroyed her. So Tywin was grateful beyond belief to see Aemon. Not to mention even outside of Joanna, Tywin would have been angered in his own right to see Aemon hurt. What he would have done to anyone that touched Aemon . Aemon was of his House no matter what Aerys thought and no one touched his House without consequence. No one.

"Everything is fine, My Lord Hand. Prince Aemon just wondered of by himself and then made a friend. The Starks had nothing to do with it and didn't even know who he was until we came." Gerold moved to guide the Prince out of the room. "Come , Your Grace. We must find your Father and brother. They are quite worried about you.:"

"But what about Raven?"

"We will get Tolan after we bring you to the King."

Assured that Raven would be taken care of, Tyrion went willing to find his father. Hopefully Rhaegar would be there as well. Tyrion ignored the large amount of guards that surrounded him and the fact that they were also bringing the Starks with them. All Tyrion cared about was seeing Raven better and showing his monkey to his Father and brother.

The moment Tyrion entered the Throne room, Rhaegar rushed to his side and engulfed him in his arms. Lifting him off his feet and just holding him up, reminding Tyrion that his brother was now fourteen and thus a lot bigger than Tyrion was. Tyrion didn't mind though as he loved being in Rhaegar's arms and liked that his brother could carry him everywhere. There was no where that Tyrion would rather be then in Rhaegar's arms. Expect now when Raven screeched and tried to scramble away. Tyrion instantly pulled away from his brother and tried to calm Raven so that he wouldn't hurt himself. Rhaegar looked at the monkey in his brother's arms and couldn't help but to be amused.

While Aeyrs was surprised to see a monkey in his son's arms, he was much more focused on the fact that Aemon was returned to him. And that the one responsible for taking him had been led in as well. So Aerys stroked Aemon's head once before turning on the man and teen in front of him. Who were pushed to their knees by the guards while Gerold and Lewyn moved behind Aeyrs.

"Who are you to dare lay hands on my son?"

"Your Grace, your son.."

"You will address him as Prince Aemon or Your Grace."

"I am sorry, your Grace. The Prince came upon my son with the monkey and they started to talk... There was no laying hands on his Grace at all."

Aerys tuned on the teen." Is that true? Did you lure my son away from his lessons with a monkey?"

Brandon was extremely intimidated right now as Aerys was baring down on him and while Aerys was slight compared to Brandon's father, Brandon knew that he was king and many said that Aerys would kill without any need. Some even spoke of the Targaryen madness that was beginning to take root in Aerys. So Brandon did not know what to say or how to convince the King that he had not hurt his new friend..Thankfully Brandon was saved.

"Father, I left my lessons before I saw Brandon and Raven...I snuck away and I went exploring...I stumbled upon Brandon with Raven and then Raven liked me but Raven is hurt and he needs we please see Tolan now."

Aerys went to his son."And who is Raven, my dragon?" Tyrion held up his monkey and Aerys smiled at his son. "You should give the monkey back to the Starks, Aemon. There is no need to go to Tolan for their monkey."

"But father..Raven is mine."

Rhaegar knelled beside his brother and grasped his arms, being careful of..Raven." Tyrion, if Raven is hurt perhaps we should find you another animal if you want one. A better one. Raven is really bleeding."

"NO NO, I want him..Please Rhaegar, Please Father."

Neither of them could ever deny Aemon anything and this was no exception even if the monkey was rather filthy and hurt. So Aerys summoned Tolan then turned back to the Starks. "Aemon, are you sure that they did not touch you in any fashion or cause you to leave the safety of the royal residence?"

"Yes, Father. They were nice to me and did nothing to me but give me a monkey."

"Very well. The two of you may leave Kings Landing now but never come near my son again."

"But Father..I like Brandon. He gave me Raven..." Aerys sighed while Lewyn covered up a laugh.

"Fine, Stark allow your son to write to Aemon but I want you both gone tonight." The Starks were swiftly moved out of the room while Aerys returned to the Iron Throne, being careful not to touch the blades."Aemon, come."

Tyrion scurried up the stairs and unto father's lap while holding Raven. Tyrion rested comfortable with Aerys stroking Tyrion's head as Tyrion stroked Raven, waiting for Tolan to come. Rhaegar moved to stand beside the throne, holing onto Tyrion's hand while Tywin watched. Happy to be able to tell Joanna of her son's continued happiness and health. Once Tolan came, Tyrion watched with avid eyes as Raven was bandaged but was not allowed to leave his father's lap. Aerys watched his son watch the monkey and knew that he had found something that made his son happy.

"Aemon, do you like animals?"

"Yes, Papa...I love animals."

"Would you like more?" Tyrion instantly let out a happy squeal and started jumping up and down in excitement, causing Aerys to gasp as the air was pushed out of his body. Rhaegar instantly grabbed Tyrion and lifted him into his arms.

"Can I have more, Father..I like reading about animals and Rhaegar talks about all these different kinds and...I want more..ALL OF THEM."

Aerys laughed and nodded. If his son wanted animals then Aemon would get all the animals he wanted. Rhaegar loved books and music and poetry and Aerys saw to it that he got all he wanted. Aemon already showed that he loved books but nothing else till now. So Aemon would get all the animals he wanted. Aerys would see to that. Tywin could already see the treasury being emptied to find and get animals so he quickly came up with an idea that would hopefully save some money and prevent Aemon from being unhappy while keeping Aerys from getting all animals in existence.

"Your Grace, since ..Raven was given to the Prince by the Starks, why don't you have the other Houses give him animals as well. After all his name day is coming and I know the Tourney for him will be magnificence, the Houses should also give him something."

Aerys nodded, pleased with the idea of everyone honoring his son."See it done, my Hand. Aemon, would you like that? Animals for your Name Day." At Aemon's excited nod, Aerys smiled." Good. Tywin, we shall expect animals from you as well. For all Houses shall give animals and presents for Aemon's Name Day. From now. Make it known that every year every hose in the Seven Kingdoms are to give animals and presents for Aemon's Name Day."

Tywin covered up his wince at that proclamation, this was not what he intended and he could only imagine what the Houses would feel about this and he knew Aerys would take it as a slight if every single House did not give something to Aemon and he would see them punished. How he was going to swing this was unclear but he would swing it. And beside, Aemon was Joanna and Aerys child, why shouldn't he be honored, Tywin loved them both dearly after all and what he loved deserved everything. Tywin nodded to both Aerys and to himself. He would see it done if he had to forcibly send
someone to every House.

Tyrion couldn't believe that in one day he had gotten Raven and a promise of more animals to come and a lot of presents. He may not know the exact number of Houses but he was well aware from Rhaegar that there was a lot. So cool. Then there was a voice.

"Cousin, I have all of the guards and the City Watch searching everywhere for the Prince but so far there has been no sign of him."

Seeing his cousin Steffon, Tyrion moved to his side, jumping down from Father's lap. Tyrion loved Steffon and quite enjoyed spending time with his cousin and his wife Cassana. They were truly his favorite people outside of his parents and brother. Steffon smiled in relief at seeing Aemon and knelled down and hugged him the moment Aemon was at his side. He had truly feared for his cousin when Aerys told him that Aemon had disappeared from his lessons and had been missing for hours as he was quite fond of his little Prince. As was Cassana, who was beside herself with worry while trying to comfort Rhaella. Who was hysterical.

"And where did you go off to, Aemon."

"I had an adventure..I went exploring and I made a new friend...Two new friends."

"Oh really. And who are they." Steffon imagined what he would do to these new friends, who had obviously taken Aemon. Though he imagined now that Aemon was back, that Aerys had already done away with them.

"Come and see." Tyrion grabbed Steffon's hand and dragged him over to where Tolan was finishing bandaging Raven. "This is one of my new friends, Steffon. He is Raven." Steffon looked at the monkey in surprise, having not expected this. "And my other friend is Brandon but father sent him away..Father promised that Brandon could write to me though."

Rhaegar moved to Tyrion's side, as he was uncomfortable being away from him after worrying for hours. Rhaegar had been forced to wait, unable to search for his brother as his Father had refused to let him leave his side. Paranoid that something would happen to Rhaegar to. So Rhaegar had been helpless to do something and that was not something he had ever had to deal with before. Rhaegar couldn't protect his brother and that was not something he would ever accept. Ever. Rhaegar knew that tomorrow he would go to Sir William, the royal master at arms and he would begin to learn how to fight. Rhaegar had read about knights all his life and about his great uncle Aemon the Dragonknight. He would defend his brother and his great uncle had defend his siblings.

Rhaegar lifted up Tyrion while Steffon held Raven then handed the monkey to Tyrion. " I think you've had quite enough of an adventure, Tyrion. Lets go find Mama then we'll get you to bed."

Aerys rose, not about to allow either of his sons out of his sight." Tywin, deal with everything."

Then Tyrion, Rheagar, Steffon and Aerys went to Rhaella's chambers and all of them watched Aemon for the rest of the night. Relieved to have Aemon safely returned to them.


Summary:Tyrion's first memory and an unfriendly talk

Tyrion's first memory had been one that he cherished for as long as he lived for his first memory was of his brother and mother who he had adored. Tyrion believed he was either three or barely four. Tyrion had been playing with a ball and Rhaegar had been playing with him. With their mother watching him. Rhaegar had been pushing the ball to him then Tyrion would either throw it at him or roll it. After a while though he had gotten bored by it and climbed into Rhaegar's lap, demanding a story. For he had always told him the best stories. Better than even Mama's. Tyrion knew that one day he would be able to read the books that Rhaegar did and he looked forward to that day but hearing Rhaegar speak always calmed him. Soothed him. Tyrion loved hearing Rhaegar speak.

More than he loved playing with his brother, even though Rhaegar was the one he loved playing with best. Better then even Mama and Papa, who were the ones other than Rhaegar who played with him most. Rhaegar's voice was like a melody and he quite loved it.

Which was why Tyrion sat in Rhaegar's lap, with his arms wrapped tightly around him and listened to almost ten stories and when Rhaegar was done with the tenth, Tyrion turned around within the circle of Rhaegar's' arms and kissed Rhaegar.

"You tell the best stories, brother."

"Thank you, Tyrion..Soon you'll be able to read them and then you'll tell me stories."

"No. I like you telling me stories." Rhaella smiled at them both.

"How bout the two of you both tell each other stories. Taking care of each other."

"I'd like that."

"And I'll always take care of you." Rhaegar tightened his arms around his brother as he said that. "Nothing will ever prevent me from taking care of you, Tyrion."

"Rhae, why do you call me Tyrion?"

"Do you not like it?"

"NO..I do. Its just no one else does...Everyone calls me Aemon, including Mama and papa."

"I call you Tyrion cause its my special name for you, just as you call me Rhae...You have always been Tyrion to me...The moment I held you I knew that you were Tyrion." When Tyrion yawned, Rhaegar smiled. "Someone needs to go to bed, I think."

"NO...I don't wanna."

"Come, my son. It is time to go to bed."

"Please mama. I don't want to leave.. Papa will make me sleep without Rhaegar."

Rhaella looked at Aemon and sighed, knowing that her son preferring sleeping with Rhaegar was not easy as once he had climbed into her bed but she ignored the pain of that. Aemon always preferred Rhaegar and she knew that he preferred to sleeping with his brother. Aerys had forbidden it though.

"Fine, you may stay here and Rhaegar will stay with you."

Tyrion grinned and snuggled deeper into Rhaegar's arms. "Sing to me, brother."

Rhaegar slowly rocked Tyrion in his arms as he sang to his brother, watching as Tyrion's eyes slowly began to close until Rhaegar was holding the sleeping form of his brother. Something that Rhaegar cherished as he loved to hold Tyrion when he was sleeping as it was so peaceful and perfect and nice.

Rhaella watched her sons and found herself drifting off from Rhaegar's songs and from the lovely sight in front of her.

"My love, you truly are a good brother. How are you so good with him?"

"Its easy. When I'm with him I just feel whole...like all that I am is wrapped inside Tyrion and being with him makes it all come together. When I make him happy...it makes everything perfect."

Rhaella looked at her son and tired to understand how deeply he was connected to Aemon. From what Gerold had told her, Rhaegar had been instantly connected to Aemon even as a baby and she had seen it herself when Aerys had brought them back to Kings Landing. And it wasn't just that Aemon was easy to love, which he was for she loved him just as much as she loved Rhaegar. Aemon may not be of her body but he was her son and there was nothing she would not do for him. Rhaegar though seemed to be devoted to him, he spent every free moment he had with his brother. Whenever she had need of him Rhaella always checked where Aemon was first and she was sure to find Rhaegar. The two of them seemed like one being in two bodies as Aemon was only ever truly content and happy when with Rhaegar. Even as a baby, nothing calmed him down when he was in temper save Rhaegar. It had gotten to where Rhaegar had slept in the nursery as neither could bare being apart.

Rhaella knew that more times than not the two of them shared a bed though she pretended not to know as she knew Aerys would not be happy. He did not like it when he found Rhaegar in bed with Aemon. Saying that Rhaegar was to old for such things and the only thing Aemon needed was him. Her brother did not like sharing Aemon with anyone else and did his best to keep Aemon away from everyone else as often as possible. The Lannisters were not even allowed near Aemon more times than not, something that she did not understand. As Rhaella knew that Aemon was so precious to him because he was Joanna's child and Aerys loved her. Rhaella knew that if not for their grandfather's insistence that they marry to fulfill some prophecy, Aerys would have married Joanna just as she would have married her knight. Things would have been better for it though she wouldn't have her sons and she would not trade them for anything.

Even if Aerys was becoming annoyed and angered at the fact that she had not born him a living child since Rhaegar and was no closer to birthing a daughter for Rhaegar and Aemon to marry. And his annoyance and angered was something that she was beginning to fear as her brother was slipping into the madness of her family, though thankfully not that badly. Aerys was becoming more obsessed with fire and anything that could possibly be a slight to him was judged harshly and without mercy. Rhaella was interrupted from her thoughts by a knock on he door. She turned as Rhaegar frowned harshly, not liking that someone could disturb his sleeping brother.

"Come in."

Gerold opened the door and ushered in Joanna. Rhaella smiled at her friend, surprised to see her but happy just the same. Joanna was rarely in Kings Landing anymore after Aerys made it clear that Joanna was not to be near Aemon and then Joanna had made it clear that he was not welcome in her bed. Rhaella understood why Joanna was so furious as she could not imagine being parted from her sons and while she felt for Joanna, she would not be parted from Aemon. Not even for Joanna. She may be one of her oldest and dearest friend but Aemon was her son, Rhaella had raised him for almost four years, loved him, cared for him and just...cherished him. So not even for Joanna would Rhaella allow Aemon to be parted from her.

"Your Majesty." Joanna curtsy while not taking her eyes of the sleeping Aemon, Rhaegar scouted back. Not liking Joanna anywhere near HIS brother, he didn't much like anyone near Tyrion. Not even his family. Rhaegar didn't like sharing Tyrion anymore than their father did. Joanna yearned to go to her son and take him but she knew that she would be stopped. The Kingsguard was hovering very close by and she knew that Aerys had made it clear that she was not to interact with her son. That Aemon was not to even know that Rhaella was not his mother and Joanna wished every day that she had told Tywin to fight, so she would not lose her son.

"Joanna, you know that you should not be here.You need to leave before Aerys learns of this."

"He is my son...He is my son and I have not seen him more than a dozen times....Would you not help me? We are friends...You...Is this because of my relationship with Aerys?"

"You know that I have never cared about that. Aerys and I are only married because our grandfather insisted.. When he was with you he was not with me and I was content with that. Now.. I have him with me more as only your husband will entertain him...You need to let Aemon go, Joanna."

"How can you ask this of me? How could you ever expect me to let my son go? Would you ever let Rhaegar go?"


"Then how can you expect me to let Aemon go. He's my son."

"As he is mine."

"NO....NO. Aemon is mine....Tyrion is my son. I bore him, I had him in me for nine months, I fed him... He is my son."

"And i have raised him for almost four years. I held him as he cried, I fed him, it is to me Aemon comes to when he is unhappy and it is....Joanna, I am not trying to hurt you. Aerys would not have you be a part of Aemon's life and Aemon is to young to understand any of this. Would you confuse him with all of this?...Would you risk Aerys anger and fury just to confuse Aemon with all of this."

Joann wanted to yell that yes she would, that she would just grab Aemon and run and not stop until she reached Casterly Rock and once there she would call the banners and go to war. She wanted her son. She wanted...


Joanna wanted Aemon to have just called her that instead of Rhaella. Aemon got out of Rhaegar's arms and went to Rhaella while glaring at the person upsetting his mother. Joanna wanted to weep as her son glared at her, unhappy with her. The first time Aemon had ever truly looked at her and it was with unhappiness. Jaime had looked at her sometimes like that when she denied him things but not like this, not with that level of unhappiness. She knew why. To Aemon she was the one that had upset the woman he regarded as his mother and now he wanted her gone and that hurt her so much.

Rhaegar rose instantly the moment he sensed that Tyrion was displeased and grabbed Joanna's arm. Not letting go until they were no longer in the room while Joanna allowed it.

"Leave my brother alone. My father has made it clear that Tyrion is not to know where he comes from and you will respect it...Or I will tell my father myself and watch you burn."

Rhaegar then turned around and walked back to his brother. He was quite series in his threat as while he was not a violent person by nature, he would do anything to protect his brother. Even take up arms. Rhaegar had no interest in swords or spears or bows but for Tyrion he would do anything to protect him. Kill anyone, do anything. Rhaegar watched as their mother talked to Tyrion.

"My love, that woman was just...upset about something. It does not matter."

"But why was she upset with you, Mama.?"

"Because she's an idiot that doesn't know any better."Rhaegar scooped Tyrion into his arms, causing his brother to giggle as Rhaegar spun him around.

"Rhaegar.'Rhaella instantly scolded her son at his thoughtless words, she had been unhappy with Joanna but she was not an idiot. She just wanted her son back and while Rhaella would never allow that she did understand. Joanna was a mother trying to protect her cub.

"She is, Mother. She does not understand that Tyrion is ours and nothing will ever change that. I will kill anyone that tries to take Tyrion from me. Anyone."

Rhaella was startled by the dark tone of her son's voice as well as his words. She had never heard that tone from him before or heard him threaten anyone before. Rhaella was starting to see what his son would do to protect Tyrion and while she should be unhappy about it, that her son was growing up to quickly, she was happy. Tyrion would have a fierce protector even after she was gone. Even after Aerys was gone.

"Come on, Tyrion. Let us go to my room."

Tyrion had gone to be that night wrapped up tightly in Rhaegar's arm and had never felt safer, had never remembered feeling more safer and loved them that moment.

Lost Loves,Remenbered Loves

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Totallly Cool Movie

Just saw Breaking Dawn 2. It was by far the best of the five movies.SO worth it and such a shocking almost ending


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